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January 01, 2011


I don't think I've ever changed anything of consequence based on a Jan 1 resolution.

Change happens when you're ready for it to happen. Even though the action may be instantaneous, it's usually the culmination of days/weeks/years of contemplation observation and introspection. The bigger the change the more likely this is to be true, I find.

A saying that sticks with me: "When the student is ready, the teacher appears". This describes the major changes in my life.

Still, I look forward to riding past the 24-hour fitness tomorrow morning @ 06:00. It's been largely deserted this holiday season but should be bustling soon.

Sure, many of those resolutions will fail to be realized this year. But it is our nature to try, try again. And so they may serve a purpose after all, far down the road tho after many more turns than one ever plans. Bless those who keep trying.

So, I'll wait for thanksgiving day to hear what your resolution is...
: )

I think about this too:
> **Note: what the fuck is a year anyway?**
I like being in tune with actual events. The only real ones that I can come up with are:

moon cycle - 28
week - quarter moon cycle (sort of weak, not really meaningful. A week could be 14 days, or even 28 days.)
year - 365 +/- a bit, pretty variable.
Hailey's comet - every 70 years or so, too much for humans to work with.

The moon cycle is more meaningful the closer one is to the equator, the solstice/equinox is more meaningful the closer you go to the poles.

As that wise old sage Nike once said, "Just do it."

More recently, Chopper Reid offered this advice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EY7lYRneHc

Glad you are blogging again. Saw somewhere where you were thinking about a move. You should check out Fort Collins, CO. Super bike friendly, lots of great rides, fun bike scene and friendly people (not surface friendly, but deeply friendly). I think you would like it much more than Cal or Texas. If you do decide to make a move here be sure to base yourself in Old Town. Feel free not to publish this post as it really was just a thought for you on a place you might like living. About 330 days of sun, pretty mild winters with snow in the mountains, one of those Outside top 10 places types of places. Your call. Just a thought.
Be Well and props to Chloe for 7500 miles.

Dear Scott:

This single post helped me overcome some personal issues. It gave me the kick start I needed to stay on track and move over and beyond the three week crest. Thanks

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