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December 27, 2010


As someone who was once called A Musician... not nearly anything musically like you, but, still, enough to recognize what you're trying to say...

Yeah. I get it.

And maybe that's why I'm occasionally afflicted on a ride with musical brain-worms* so severe I've been known to scream.

*Sleigh Bells "Rill Rill" while bombing 1000' vert of trail that had a near perfect rhythmic match for small rock water bar/launchers... transcendent.
Bonking, totally sapped, and ~5 miles from the car in the desert plagued with incessant LOUD "Crocodile Rock"... hell itself might have been a reasonable alternative.

I've been really enjoying reading your blog. As a person who has struggled all my life with my weight, your story really struck a chord with me. Biking has definitely been a key ingredient in working toward fitness, but I continue the struggle. I am truly awed by your success. Thank you so much for documenting your journey. This post has me wondering why you gave up music? If it's too personal and you don't want to go into it, no worries.
Ride Happy!

Hello! I just found an article about you on active.com. Just wanted to say congrats to you on reclaiming your life. I know your story will serve to inspire others to make necessary changes -- and all because you paid it forward by sharing. I enjoy reading your blog and will continue to follow. Here's to a happy New Year.

This life is the only one that makes sense to me, and it doesn't necessarily make sense all that often.

You spend some time on wondrous islands and oases, and for whatever reason, it becomes time to leave. That doesn't undermine how wonderful or important those moments, however fleeting, actually were.

You don't know if you'll ever find your way back. You don't know if it's important that you do.

But, if you do, sometimes it's the universe gifting you an opportunity to be a little smarter this time, have a bit more age-gained perspective, let you be there knowing a little how important and fleeting everything is.

And sometimes it's like the scene in "Repo Man" when Otto is sitting in the bar and offers, "...I can't believe I used to like these guys."

This may have little to do with the above, but, man, you stated it beautifully.

You can't replay the scenes, but can only be in the current one.

Peace in this and the new year.

- J

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