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October 22, 2010


I love my pug for all the same reasons. Cycling is often about freedom and no other bike lets me go so freely everywhere. It continues to shock me to find how fast and efficient the bike is.

You've convinced me I need to ride my Pug more. Since we have such long winters and there is plenty of snow riding to be done during the winter, I tend to park it when the snow melts. I think I should keep riding it!

It is the only bike I have that gets noticed every time I ride it. And not just by other bikers. People of all kinds notice the Pugsley.

I have to admit it was sad to see the pictures of you dismantling the BBC....like saying good bye to your best friend.

oh man, thanks for coming back! i check my big fella bookmark every so often just in case, so imagine my surprise. anyway, i love my surly LRT but that Pugsly thing looks like it would be a mean beach,trail and just overall road machine.

Glad you're back...don't kill yourself my friend (ER Trips)..just to the edge, smell life, throw the bird to death and then tell us all about it.
Love to you and yours.

Hey Scott - love the stories and glad to see you posted here. It has been a while. I saw one of these in Tokyo at a bike shop - it looked great, but, was really, really expensive. I bet buying one in the US and shipping it by fedex express, overnight, would be cheaper even after the duty and all that shite.

Anyway, keep on ridin'.


Riding down the beach...that's awesome, dude. Glad you're back. Hope to read your book when it's done.

So if the Pug is not a fixie why the down tube sticker?

It's not a fixie, and it's not a fixie sticker [click the photo].


Okay, Clicked the picture, read up close, cleaned glasses, got it and agree. Thanks and glad your back.

Scott- I drive an AMC Eagle (forgive me) but I could not help but laugh at the part where people come up and ask about it. The AmC Eagle brings fellas out of the word work, only crazy ones!

I want a Pugsley or a Mukluk for the winters here but it sounds like it can do a lot more. I am thrilled your blog is back. You are a very talented writer. Thanks for returning!

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