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October 20, 2010


Very nice to hear you're well. You continue to be an inspiration.

Consider the Denver area. Great rides, good folks, veggie options everywhere.

Great to see you writing again.

I knew there was a reason I kept you on my reader subscription ;-)I'm glad you're doing well - take care.

Well thanks for the update Scott. I think about the three of you a lot. I miss your blog. And I've been thinking of sending you an email lately. And out of the blue you post an update! Cool!

Great to seeing you blogging again. Nice update.

What a great surprise to see you pop up again in my reader. Glad to read/see you're doing well!

Love your writing and your sense of self!! Bravo! I second bryantp...Denver is beautiful, NOT rainy, people actually live a little slower and TALK to each other...and you can bike every month of the year. I'm an RN like your wife...many good jobs here.

LFoaB resonnated with a lot of people--it/you somehow made the world seem a little less baffling. You have been missed--REALLY glad you're back.

It's good to see you back, Scott. I hope the break did you good.

I lived in Portland 3.5 years. It rains eight months of the year and I think everyone is somewhat depressed but they don't know it. Your description of the people is apt.

Glad to see you came back. I always checked up to see if you posted. If you are looking for a challenge (read a nice cycling vacation lol) I would suggest Lands end to John o groats (its about 900 miles and can be done in 2 weeks) it would take you from north of scotland to the south of england.

Hi everybody, I was wondering where can I get a bike like the one in the pictures, it sems thoug (just what I need). Big chubbie fella trying to star lets say a new helthy life. Thanks.

If you know of a bike for a 150kg(330 pounds)person please let me know.

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