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May 19, 2009


Thanks for the final weigh-in and the living proof!
All the best to you, Amy and Chloe.

I just think you're fucking awesome. Plain and simple, fucking awesome. You have no idea how many people are going to know about, talk about, reference and count you as an inspiring and amazing hero.
One fucking awesome hero!
(and I don't usually swear either!!)
One HUGE fanboy,
Aaron Daniels & Mary Ann Daniels

"Maybe in the end, that's the message:

Beyond proof that it can be done, do [did] you want to honestly know [about] how to do it?"

Nailed beautifully! People want to know but don't want to Do. You did it, you've done it.



Today, I celebrate one year as a vegetarian.


Keep on being the change.

Thanks for the final weigh-in. You're going silent on the day of the national Ride of Silence.

You remain my inspiration. I started riding again because you inspired me. I started losing weight because you inspired me. I hope you decide to write again but I'm grateful for the sharing. I'll try my best to pass it on. Peace.

Yes please. Jared

Thanks mate, I enjoyed the ride. I'll look out for slim Scott's rando blog later in the year.



Thank you for everything. Cheers to you, Amy and Chloe.

Huge hugs,

Thanks man! I'm right behind you.

How about an update ever 6 months so we can keep seeing how awesome you are? :)

Scott I just got done reading the article in this months issue of Bicycle Magazine. I am proud of you & what you decided to conquer. I am proud of you for not giving up on your family. You have done something that only the human spirit can do. I am amazed at your family as well. Your wife is a true treasure to stand by your decision. It is amazing to have a wife that will encourage & aid in help us overcome amazing obstacles. I am greatly impressed with the relationship that you have with your daughter. From your article your relationship with your daughter is setting her up for successful relationships as well. I am always impressed when I see men or women making a stand for themselves not for the recognition but just for them. You are a good man. Hold your head proudly for you a man who does what is necessary for your family. I am sure that you make mistakes. Do not get discouraged keep your head level. Forgive yourself & others & keep moving in a positive direction. I am proud of you Scott.

Inspiring & humbling. Thank you for sharing such a personal journey. Perhaps you will write a book. Quite extraordinary. Best to you.

Well shoot, sorry to see you closing things down -- I just found this blog and your story is inspiring. After more than 20 years, and many more pounds than that, I got back on a bike last summer and it's the best way to exercise. Congratulations on your weight loss!


Really excited to find your site tonight. I'm down 180 pounds from my max weight of 450. I didn't think a guy my weight could find a bike that could handle me, and I was too embarrassed to go into a bike shop to ask. Now that I've found your site, I'm going down to a local bike shop this week to see if they have something that works.

Thank you!


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