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March 09, 2009


Great story. I'm from Washington and have heard about Kent.

Your journey is no less impressive - maybe more so. I first read about you from the Rivebdell Reader and now follow your blog.

Your blog, as well as some others, inspired me to start one. So yeah - it's all sort of one big circle.

Size of the circle doesn't matter - 700c, 26", 29" or 650b - as long as it keeps spinning.

So it was you. You rascal. Congratulations on having the heart big enough to get Kent home earlier.

Wow, Scott, that's awesome.

It's a huge and growing circle. You certainly inspired me...not just to ride but to go to gyms, snowboard more...did I mention ride? and live more...following my heart attack. Much healthier and getting better by the day.

Yep, That was, in fact, the very me driving to the the buttocks corner of NM to rescue kent from the federales. Somehow this photo is the only compelling evidence linking me and kent to the bottom of NM. Great post. I forgot until recently that I had spoken to you on the phone then when we were way down there south. Have a great time...

Hey Scott,

Awesome getting to hang with you, Amy and Chloe for a bit. Tell Chloe her charm of safety worked, I made it home in one piece. Story and pics on my blog soonish.

One correction, however. I always had Monday budgeted in as a travel day, so it's 450ish miles in 4 days, not three. This is how those crazy stories about me get started, so I wanted to set this straight. Oh and I did take the train most of the way to the start of BMB. But thanks for the kudos anyway.



Very happy to see you back and writing LFoaB again. You have more "followers" than you know.

For those of you who don't live in the Pacific NW, there were hail, sleet, and snow showers here on Monday. While no significant accumulations, I bet it made 'the long ride north' considerably more interesting. Having read many of Kent's postings, I bet he enjoyed the challenge.

And Scott, that's so cool that you and Amy funded Kent's expedited trip home from New Mexico. That's a really sweet story. Thanks for sharing.

You opinionated jerk, you should never have moved to Portland!

Nah, I'm just kidding. Just stumbled across your blog from Kent's, this is a great story. Thanks for sharing!

Sweet. Two of my favorite people I have never met. I did however wave at Kent once when I passed him going the other way in the Cascade Foothills on his Green Machine. Cheers to you both. Nick V.

Well, if either you or Kent ever visit Novato, CA, you both have a warm bed to crash in... I would be honored! :)

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