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March 16, 2009


Wow... my non-pro advice would be to stay the heck off that puppy and really give it time to heal. As big a PITA/massive sucky pile o' shite as it is, the alternatives are much, much worse.

You know, my knee cranky-ness would be a lot cooler if I had cool stories like yours to back them up... I'm just hoping to nurse along my rather malformed knees (I clearly picked the wrong parents in this department) until I get older and replacement surgery gets really, really good.

I'm going to say one thing that echoes what you wrote and probably what most other people will write, and one thing that contradicts what you wrote and that at least some other people will disagree with.

The first thing is that if you are going to do all-out efforts, pedaling spinning fast is both faster and healthier than the grunt-it-out approach, but it takes some time to train your legs to do it.

The second thing is that a gut-busting, lungs-bursting, cross-eyed, leg-burning, harder-than-you could-have-imagined-possible, totally-meaningless race to some arbitrary sign or hilltop can be one of the most alive and joyful things that can happen on a bicycle. Sure, it can also be stupid if you go around doing it all the time with a chip on your shoulder or let it make you bitter and angry, but with a friend or acquaintance who you can shake hands or laugh about it with afterward, or just look at each other and smile as you gasp like gaffed salmon. Damn, that's just great stuff.

Hell, I think it rocks. Of course, I had my knee surgery last year!

sometimes stupid just feels right and there little to do about it when in the moment. rest up and work that spin later.

P.S. Happy St Pats- have a good beer to celebrate both the day and the inevitable hazards of testosterone poisoning!
P.P.S. For the same reasons, I think Amy gets 2 beers today....

To quote any number of television-lawyers, "he opened the door, your honor..." And, well, you did. So before anyone else speaks up, let me be the first to walk through it and perhaps pave a gentler way...

I have never personally known a female cyclist to behave as you did. I have known LOTS of male cyclists who have succumbed in this same manner -- to their inner wild child, their inner circus strongman, their inner Mario Cippolini or whatever else. Since you said the "T" word, I'll agree -- there is probably nothing quite like a big fat dose of Vitamin Testo to make a guy wanna roll out the big guns, stack on the weights, and in general go screaming off the side of a mountain in search of Superman's Cape. Guys ARE wired differently and this is one of the reasons why.

That's not to say that women aren't capable of great feats of derring-do -- we are, of course; but none of them that I know personally would be tempted to kill themselves and risk serious injury like that to prove a point.

While your post is some of the most interesting writing on the subject I've seen, I also worry that you've done some damage to your knee. Bad knees really, REALLY suck to have; and perhaps you'll listen to Mister Ten Percent next time. Rest up and take good care of yourself.

Been there. And will be again, I'm sure. Hopefully the knee will be fine. When it is, I'd interested in your perspective 6 months from now. Not with Amy looking over your shoulder and common sense whispering in your ear, but when you and I are sitting over a beer and I ask "So, was it worth it?"

I really think you need to seriously think about you and Chloe both racing cross next fall - so. much. fun.

And Mark's right: spin faster next time.

Like the saying "in time the body will heal but glory is forever"
good job man!

14 miles?

Michael, those musta been dog miles. The fish is always bigger when the story is re-told.

This is a big test. If you can stay on the diet AND stay calm and reasonable, while staying off the bike and/or taking it easy on your knee long enough for it to heal, you win. (If you figure out how to keep the frustration at bay, blog your solution.)


You got me, 13.47 miles. I was heading toward the river from the Forest Park NW district when we picked one another up... by the Corridor tracks I had it at 13.47. Sorry for rounding it up.


More like 'Doggin' It' miles.


No diet here, never been one, never will be [I know of no word I despise more].
That said, already back on the bike: low gear/easier rides. Amy Green-Lighted this. Beyond that, lots of walking.


My apologies Scott. Clearly you weren't doggin' it, and hopefully you won't be in Amy's dog house too long. Time to stick my nose out the window, and enjoy the wind in my face while the nice weather lasts.

Scott -- have you tried Glucosamine? It's a supplement for joint health. I've been taking it for a few years now and it definitely makes a diff. Available at most health food stores.

I must admit I'm curious about just where you started this race. 14 miles is a good long way in Portland (a ridiculously long way, actually -- every time I go on a ramble I'm struck by just how *close* everything is compared to other cities I've lived in) -- did you start up by the St. Johns bridge and come down highway 30 before crossing over to the EastsideSpringwaterTrail and your rendezvous with knee pain?

Mark Vande Kamp -- This guy said it really well.

Spin spin spin, and race with a good heart and have fun when you want to. Don't, when you don't want to.

Things are warming up a tad here in Nova Scotia, so I'm back out on the bike after a winter of snowboardin' and man oh man, do I feel slow! My only option is to spin, specially when the wind picks up :)

If you ever wanna cross the continent, give me a shout :)

I wouldn't have even known you were injured when we rode, but of course we were talking more than "riding". BTW the fallout of my Brompton crash was mainly back related: my P.T said I had a rib out of place and my left shoulder was bad, but the left knee and hand were fine! I have to agree that sometimes you have to listen to the dumber parts of your head, because in a weird way, it's fun. I've been known to do it too on occasion, much to the chagrin of those who love me.

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