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March 20, 2009


That's cool. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. 8)

Off topic. Any update on your talk at Stanford? Thanks.

I get it, and thanks. The mall thing washes off: A long ride to sweat it out (or a hot afternoon in the spillway with your bros), a cold Colt 45 and a good shower does the trick. I cried when I watched "Lords of Dogtown". By the way, whitflex says hi.

You must really like your brother. I would not piss on my brother(s) if they were on fire...

Nice post. I also hate going to the mall.

My brother and I weren't exactly close and he passed away 2 years ago - in his 40s - way too young. Living 3000 miles away, we talked a little more then usual over the phone towards the end. Still, the chance to get closer is long gone.

I dabbled a bit with skateboards in '70s and goof around with a longboard today. I remember reading about Tony Alva in Skateboarder magazines back then. Cool stuff.

If you haven't seen it, the "Dogtown and Z Boys" documentary is well worth checking out.


off-topic, but oh how cooly-cool-cool

sk8 4ever

This is above and beyond special? Most folks I know do things for friends and family without self-congratulatory , narcissistic proclamations.But that aside, you are one heck of a guy. Tough, super-intelligent, artistic and musical.
roll humble,

I agree, P, you're right. This blog isn't about the daily life of Large Fella, this is a moral barometer used to judge a member of our elite Christian society.

I guess I took the post as a reminder of the people I have in my life who I should be thankful for and the things I should/could do for them even if we aren't extremely close. You took it because you're looking to see if anyone else is visible from your extremely high, morally superior, perch.

Thanks for the reminder and the excellent post, LargeFella.

Sk8 or die!

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