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February 24, 2009


Nice post, old man. Don't worry; I'm catching up to you... Wrexican sure liked his 'card' from Chloe and y'all. He's doing alright; please pass that info on to the ladies. 40° today; 6+" of snow forecast for Thursday. Fuck me, this winter won't end.

Count yourself lucky to get a 'real native' as a neighbor... they're surprisingly rare (and different from you and I, but I choose to consider the differences entertainment/ educational). It's weird to think that both my grandfathers and my dad worked in the NW woods. That way of life is mostly gone, and it had some interesting wrinkles.

If you need a conversation starter with the ol' man, try this: you heard about some kid who was working in the Coastal range out of Coos Bay back in the '60s that broke his nose & teeth setting choker, WILL.NOT. tolerate vine maple anywhere near the house, and once sewed the crotch of his pants up with wire while on a long shift years later at a paper plant. That should be enough to get some good juice flowing. :)

And that was all my dad FWIW... the day he broke his teeth out with the choker was the same day he came home to his Viet Nam draft notice waiting in the mail box... "the worst *!*!^!! day of my life" as it's properly called.

Some awesome metaphors in this post, and a great story woven through it too - very enjoyable. Myself, well I aim to live pretty much for ever (don't believe in reincarnation, once around is enough for me), but only if I can be active and alert. No point sitting in a nursing home with spit dribbling off your chin.

You might surprise yourself how well/long you last LFOAB, but relax and let it take care of itself a little, you're in the groove now, switch on the autopilot.

P.S Your neighbour sounds like an awesome old dude. You're a better man than me, I probably would have gone back to bed!

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