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February 24, 2009


That is oddly disturbing. Interesting, not offensive, but strange. A normal guy with a bicycle addiction.....

I can't help but watch it again ;-)

That's pretty cool! Kinda weird to watch. Amazing transformation! Nice job splicing all of the photos together.

How'd you DO that? Not the weight loss, that's pretty clear; but the video morphing thing. It's like being Your Own Private Will Vinton or something. Amazing.

Very sweet. Thanks for sharing Scott!

Re: Rivendell Reader #40
Rivendell sent me my bike parts plus the Reader and your story. Wow-wonderful! Now I learn you've relocated to Portland. When you have a chance, check our Little Red Bike Cafe in NW Portland (my daughter's neighborhood). Give you some ideas about future. Pat in Davis, CA.

Holy shit dude! Nice work!

Dude - I watched that while I was listening to Sonic Youth's version of "Superstar." Very oddly cool and appropriate - I highly recommend it.

Way cool! Amazing! Fascinating! Inspiring! Transfixing!

I admit, I also watched it twice.
Mesmerizing. Inspiring. Very cool.
I love the last frame.

Heh, that's very cool. I dig it.

Wow - that's wild. You can't help but to run through it a few times.

I dig your blog - nice job.

The Incredible Shrinking Scott!

Yikes! It's like Benjamin Button but real. How's about starting in babyhood?

That was awesome.

Inspirational! You can see the inner happiness come forth. Thanks for sharing your story with all. I cited you as an example to my patients of someone who embraced a big change in life. Someone with a big enough reason why. I ride too, you give my bike rides even more purpose. Thanks.


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