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January 29, 2009


This is by far the best post you've ever done. All the criticism is deserved. To those bringin' the heat in person, BRAVO!

I often think people in Portland are TOO nice. Good to know we've still got some edge.

That's just *nuts*. I wasn't aware that there were quite as many delicate flowers in the Portland cycling world as that (holy goodness, they must spend the day curled up in whimpering balls if they ever read BSNYC) and that they'd be so worked up about it that they'd go out of their way to shout abuse at you on the street.

At least Sellwood is far enough away from the trendy bike districts (as far as I know there are only three xtracycles down in this neck of the woods) so that it's possible to live without encountering that sort of twit all the time.

Your to well known and entirely to practical to become part of the established group. Your blog is to popular for you to be a part of the "local alternative culture". Plus you pissed on the local hero and as a "new guy" did not show enough respect to asuume your proper position in the social heirarchy.

FUCK THEM ALL (Those who try to bring you down) and keep on riding.

If anything, I would wear the mantle of being hated buy such shallow people proudly.


P.S.- If you need any tools, drop me a line and I will mail some to you.

Dude, WTF? I thought Portland was full of peaceful loving hippies?

From the comments, it sounds like you're dealing with a bunch of bitter ex-Californians that couldn't hack it here and can't hack it there either, but maybe Portland has it's own strain of angry people.

On a positive note, have you tried checking out any of the local bicycle collectives?



I'm involved with a bike collective down here in L.A., and they are an INCREDIBLE way to learn how to fix your bike with the right tools on a budget and meet FRIENDLY members of the local cycling community, so I highly recommend that as an option.

Good luck.

Yeah. I was the author of #1. But in my defense, I was coming down off a 3-day airbrush propellant bender that crossed a few wires, it not a few streams. ;-)

But seriously. Enjoy the new city and digs. You could always be me: cursing all that's proper n' holy every time setting foot out into the bleak, wet, grey, unholy midwestern blarg.

See, you live out on the East Coast, have an opinion, maybe it pisses someone off-maybe it doesn't--either way that person shrugs and you don't hear about it. You moved to the Upper Midwest, same thing, only if they're pissed off they're too repressed to say anything. Move out West and you get a bunch of thin skinned douches who can't take strong opinion and instead of offering their own would rather threaten violence. Yeah real class.

Holy crap! Remind me not to get famous or speak my mind.... especially while riding a bike in PDX.

Hoping you & yours are still down there this summer so when we come through to visit fam I might unload extra garden veg on ya. But only if you're willing to take fresh backyard-grown greens, peas, tomatoes, cukes, and maybe a melon & some peppers if we're lucky.

I have never read anything offensive on this blog. I guess I don't have strong opinions about stuff.

Here is a positive vibe, I have some to spare! If I could send sunshine too I would. Spring isn't too far off for you, hopefully it will improve peoples outlook on life over there.

Don't sweat it LFOAB, remember you're in the thick of the winter depression. 50% of these guys went home that night and opened up their wrists, or hung themselves. The other 50% are just bent because the meth market is taking a hit in this economy and they can't afford new hipster mobiles, fixies, or manpri's. They might also still be pissed at any NY'er because the hipster olympics were held there and not in PDX, as they had hoped for.


I can't believe anyone would get that worked-up over a freakin' blog commentary. Scary! Be careful out there dude. That said, to be honest, I don't read your blog as much as I used to. Most every one of your posts in recent months has contained some type of back-handed insult directed toward people who don't live their lives the way you think they should; or ride their bikes the way you think they should. Frankly, a lot of 'em have kind of a 'holier than thou' feel to 'em. It gets old. Sorry but I'm just sayin'...

sounds like a bunch of losers that have nothing else to do with their time. These people probably are failures at life and need to take it out on people that are doing better then they are. Dont worry about it. Whenever you put yourself out there you are bound to get a negative feedback from a small percentage of losers. These people aren't worth as much as the excrement on the bottom of my shoe.

I tend to agree with Shaun, but by the same token, I choose to read your blog. You're not forcing anything that I'm not choosing to be exposed to, whether I agree or not. Hope to see your continued posts!

If it makes you feel any better, we didn't like you here in Minneapolis either. We're just so damn polite, we didn't say anything...

Goodness, I can see why you rub some people the wrong way, but they do know that blog reading is optional and that you're not actually coming over to eat their children, right?

I passed you and your daughter on the Bybee bridge last week while I was running. I didn't say anything at the time because I didn't want to bother you, but I came home and sent you a tweet that I'd seen you. You ignored it.

I don't know how other folks would take that, but it put me off. I've been trying to be welcoming to you in other ways (following you on twitter, posting welcoming comments here, emailing you invitations to events with other cyclists) and you've been, in a word, dismissive.

I'm just sayin' it might not be all the fault of Portland residents harboring a collective grudge against you. You DO have to be nice to us, too.

Maybe if you weren't such a pompous ass, people would actually like you.

Here's a thought -- get a job and do something productive

maybe if i have a kid, i'll get a free ride also?

And Boing announced it was laying off 10,000.

Boy, there are some really mean people out there. I think everybody gets a little surly around the edges when financial shit hits the fan. I don't blame you (or others) for being out of sorts these days. But we can all try to be better, and I believe in that process the world can (and eventually will) become a better place.

You have much to be grateful for Scott, and your posts I've enjoyed reading the most are when that gratefulness is clearly expressed. That said, I give you a pass to be grumpy and complain where you see fit. It's your blog after all. No apology necessary. It's only human to express different emotions at different times. Take care, and don't let it get you down too much. You got a lot to give, and a lot of roads to explore.

kid, free ride?? get a job?? fucking wow!! the dude is a stay at home dad, home schools, rides eveywhere with his daughter, does all the cooking from scratch no less, saved his own life, seems to be a great husband to his wife too (from what we read here at his blog), is a huge inspiration to many if not all that read about him AND has invited us all along for the read!!
what the hell is this, an All Pile On session?? fuck that, none of any of the naysayers moms we or are a quarter as happening, on it, or this great. this guy should be sainted and emmulated, not criticized for shit (including having opinions or pissed off days).
shame on you spineless dicks for your words of hate.

Hey Scott,
Do you express your opinions in some other forum that reaches the masses, or is all that hatred generated from just this blog?

This blog has a narcissistic quality, as do most personal blogs including my own. There's a lot of naval gazing in this genre.

As with my own blog, there are a few things here that sometimes make we wince. But I'm entertained and always return for more.

So are there some totally slamming, in-your-face opinions in another forum that have pissed people off, or are there just a bunch of dipshits in your town?

The handful of times I've talked to you in person, you have been, for the most part, pleasant, interesting, and friendly, and I've enjoyed your company more than average. But much of the time in blog-land, you come off (to me) more as the bitter fat guy who sits home all day telling people that they have too much seat post showing (to cite one particularly incendiary example from years past), or otherwise pointing out arbitrary personal flaws in a seemingly mean-spirited way. You have an uncommon talent for locating and needling the tenderest spots in people. There's a discontinuity between you the person and you the blog/internet-presence (maybe by design, which I understand well).

On the other hand, your continued insistence on "celebrity" treatment (e.g. bro deals at the LBS, free headset installs by famous framebuilders, etc) for your fame/notoriety/blog isn't going to win you many friends.

You've told me many times over the years that what I perceived as mean-spiritedness was really your misunderstood sense of humor. If this is indeed the case, I continue to misunderstand much of the time.

That all said, this winter seems to be wearing on people everywhere I go, in the real world and on the internet.

How long have you been blogging Scott? by now you need to know that there are far too many thin-skinned people out there that aren't smart enough to simply not read something if they don't like it.

I choose not to listen to Rush Limbaugh everyday because he's an ass and it would just piss me off. I choose to read the blogs I read because I like to hear how some people are doing.

It makes no difference what other people think about you. you just happened to have moved to one of the more vocal areas of the country, what do you expect?

I can see where your writting might piss people off from time to time, hell you've pissed me off before (but I'm from MN, I'm too repressed to say anything...). But I also know you personally and know how you think and know you're a great person (you just come off as an asshole sometimes : ) ).

keep writing, all those whiners are probably morc people anyways. : )

and in closing, I told you not to move to PDX!

Came here too late. I think some combination of Core, Fat Bob and Jack's comments nails what is happening.

West Coast, especially smaller town West Coast counter culture people seem to me at least a whole lot more full of themselves and thin skinned than their East Coast counterparts.

On the other hand, your blogging has become far more angry, abusive and often quite narcissistic. Buddhist monks live solely off the charity of others. The better ones at least are circumspect with their criticism and generous with their compliments.

Wow, I wouldn't say Scott's blogs are "far more angry, abusive and often quite narcissistic." There's a certain amount of naval gazing in any blog, and I know I tend to blog when I'm feeling down. Maybe all bloggers should take a vow not to vent on their blogs, but I, for one, enjoy reading the occasional rant. I do get the sense that this whole settling into Portland thing has been rough. Give Scott a break, he's been moving near constantly for quite a while. That must be a bit hellish on its own.

At any rate, any desire I might have had to move to Portland has been squashed. I'm sure after a few cloudy weeks I'd be shouting obscenities at people too.

Every single abusive person cited in this post is unusually pissweak. Don't read the hate emails (unless they're funny) and try to ignore the freaks who for whatever obscure reason (probably not enough discipline as a child) feel they have some kind of a right to abuse you in person.

If they don't like your opinions, then they need to stop reading your blog. That would be the #1 solution, or they could learn some fucking manners.

I agree with Shaun (minus the apology for having an opinion), Mark, (yup, I read anyway, to see what the day's LF judgements will be), Jim, and especially Hollie. Before you moved here, I offered help a couple of times in the job finding dept since my gf is also a nurse. I found it odd that there was never even a 'thanks for offering' comment/reply.

Going by your blog (since that's all I have to go by), it seems like you expect a lot from people, but don't really give much in return. Instead of virtually spitting on everyone who drives, how 'bout offering to help them bike shop or choose a good route to work? I've converted several friends to at least party time bike commuting just because they see me having fun commuting and *not* coming down on them for not making the same choice.

There seems to be a pretty predictable rhythm on your blog of the occasional revelation about how much you have to learn, followed by judgmental rants about why people who eat at Burgerville or have more than one bike are clueless pod people.

I definitely don't agree with the vitriolic ways some people chose to express their opinions about your blog (no one's forcing them to read it after all). But if a bunch of people keep telling you there's food in your teeth, you might at some point, want to check the mirror...

Hi, I just wanted to leave a note to thank you for the fantastic example you set and for inspiring me to get off my fat arse. After reading your blog I dug out my old mtn bike frame and rebuilt it as a single speed for the comute to work. I haven't been riding long so I haven't seen much change yet, but the hills are getting easier. Anyway don't let the arsehats get you down. Reading from Brisbane I can't see what their getting their panties all twisted about.
Nick Bucher (fuck those who hide behind a web handle)

Wow, I can't believe those comments, Scott. Disgusting. You'd think you were a major political figure about to be assassinated, fer pete's sake.

To the whiners: grow a hide, get a life. This is a blog, by nature personal. You don't like? Find another porch to piss on and DON'T READ the thing. Maybe he's said a few things that were harsh, but, when did Americans learn to wilt so easily?!

Scott's always been this way. He's a totally unique character, has the balls to say what's on his mind, and I'm deeply thankful for people like him who LIVE LARGE!


Rick, riled up in Tokyo

Gee, after reading your blog lately, I actually feel good about living in Milwaukee! If people get so pissed at your blog, why do they even read it??? Remind me not to visit Portland, ever.

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