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October 26, 2008


Welcome to Portland!
You arrived just in time for some of the best weather of the year.
Now, get ready for some serious rain! Whooo hooo!


Awesome! Ya'll finally made it! Now it will all pay off. Things can only get better. btw ya might wanna pack a poncho and a waist-sized rope for your bike rides. I hear that the rain comes quick so it would be nice to have those things. Is that Heystack rock in the background? If so watch out. There may be Goonies in the area.

Ahhh! Welcome to the coast, my friend! Been a helluva journey so far, and you are blessed in the trek, and in realizing what and who is around you on the way. And it's just starting, eh?

Hey LFoaB! Welcome to Portland, Oregon! New reader here. Been following your trip west and am so pleased that you have made your way to our fair city. I'm a transplant (from Miami) and after living in several states out west, I finally feel like I'm home. You're gonna love it here. The biking is the best in the world. Commuting, long rides, bike camping...we have it all. Can't wait to read about your settling in.
Ron's right- the rain is headed our way and the first year might be an adjustment. It certainly was for me. But I made it and you and your lovely family will, too. I hope you will be very happy here.

Awesome pics. You're an inspiration!

Awesome journey, physically, emotionally, metaphysically, all of 'em! Thanks for bringing us all along. And, yeah, you are seriously skinny.

And I'm envious. Like Lou, I'm an east-coaster who feels in my bones I'd finally find home out there in the Pacific NW. I'll just have to live vicariously through you until I can make that happen.

I'm SO glad you got to enjoy Haystack Rock on such a beautiful day! You really lucked out there. (And I LOVED the shot of Mister Lithium Kitty. If we could find a way to can that mellow and market it ...)
Dinner soon? Lemme know.
Hugs --B

Hard to believe you're on my coast now, and in one of my top 3 favorite cities in North America! The shot of you on the beach is epic! You've come a long way, in so MANY ways and I continue to be inspired by your journey and your courage. Hug yer ladies and rejoice in the joy of learning a whole new area to bike in!

Dude, welcome to the best coast!

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