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October 20, 2008


I, too, can be a pussy when sick. I think its in the genome. Hoping it wasn't viral, feel better, bro.

I don't know how to Twitter, or what is Twitter, or even if I have it on my computer (prolly not).
Welcome to the Upper Left Edge. Hope you'll like it here. I've got a box of Throat Coat tea somewhere around here with your name on it...
..::fumbles with the flotsam and jetsam in the cupboard::..
Damn. It's here somewhere. I'm working today till 5. Call me there if you get a chance.

Hmmm...I thought my Beautiful Wife was teh only one who could give a look like that.

Get felling better.

for such a mind-numbingly mundane statement about the wonderful environs of NoDak, it's only right that the wrath of Burleigh County was visited upon you...

Did you pay the bill yet? If not, when you receive it, call and ask what their prompt pay cash discount is. It could be as much as 40% off. Also, you have something like 45 days to decide to kick in Amy's COBRA benefit from her last job, so if something expensive happens healthcare-wise, you can back-date your COBRA benefit. The HR dept at her last job should have advised her of this but I'll bet they didn't -- its part of the health insurance portability act, which is a federal law, so I know it applies.

Welcome to the left coast. I'm heading into week 4 of the Cold from Hell myself, so I can sympathize. REALLY irritating because it would be a beautiful time to ride, and by the time this thing is wrapped up I'll probably be stuck prepping for ski season (don't worry- Cascade mountains here).

Damn Scott... I've been following the twitter feed (as you know from my replies), but the hospital incident didn't make the feed. ;) Hope you're feeling better man... be kind to yourself and your ladies: moving is uber stressful. Glad to know y'all made it safe: I can't wait to hear about your adventures in PDX! Make sure you go check out Clever Cycles!

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