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October 18, 2008


If I didn't live in Portland, there are only 3 or 4 other places I can see myself settled. Missoula is one. So is Bozeman, where you could have also scored a decent cuppa. The store recognition story is funny, but not surprising - wait 'til you get to PDX. I'm telling you, your reputation proceeds you. My money is on sub-24 hours before you're outted here. Especially if you hang in SE, go shopping at New Seasons, or decide to go for a ride. Be safe and enjoy the scenery.

Glad all are safe: If you want to broadcast life across the net you ought consider that there are those who draw ispiration. Be considerate as you would desire them to be, say roles reversed? Lecture over, its a trip of a lifetime, enjoy each minute, suck marrow so to speak, collector of memories. Death bed: Maybe I should have bought more shit? I doubt that. But to stop and give a moose and enima? YES!! At least give him a reach around.

Love to all. Pax.

Wow, it's so cool that you were spotted. I mean, they are obviously impressed with what you've done. But I have to say, too bad you didn't give a plug to the little supermarket instead of a hit on Whore Foods ya know! I'm sure they could use your popularity a little more! Anyway, I'm totally jealous of your move to PDX and hoping to follow before long, but instead preparing for the long midwest winter! ENJOY!

Missoula's like that. I've had some strange encounters in that town. Nothing bad but just completely random and unexpected.

Well, that's a bummer that you were in North Dakota (specifically my home of Bismarck) and didn't have too decent of a time. I have to agree with you about the food, though; it's garbage.

As a veggie (with vegan asperations) it's near impossible to eat out. All of the local eateries know me because I'm a semi-asspain to wait on. I have to build my own food most of the time (and then those people will still sneak milk or cheese into things that I didn't expect thereby nullifying any vegan-ness I may have achieved that day).

If you're ever back through, there's a great coffee shop right on Main called "Coffee Break." It's run by a half-Italian/half-Middle Eastern (unsure of specific ancestors' country-of-origin) coffee shark who calls everyone "buddy" in a good way. Also, Epic Bikes up north of I-94 is a legit shop with great people.

Anyway, you've probably got my email address (because I had to provide it to post this comment) so if you're ever comin' back through, give me a shout ahead of time and I can guide you to whatever you need.

p.s. I've been semi-buried at work and a lot has happened in your life since I was last able to sneak a peak at it via internet text; I hope everything went/is going well and good luck with whatever may happen next.

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