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October 24, 2008


Congratulations on surviving the travel and illness, and on getting set up! I missed something along the way-- How on earth did you end up with a free apartment? (Yeah, I know I could probably scroll back through your posts and find out...)

Well done, sir! Are you up for a little pedal in the hills Sunday afternoon? A couple of us were planning to be in your vicinity. Did your complimentary Trek Madone and Crescent Hill jersey come with the furniture? I'll give you a shout later today if I don't get any electrons back from you.

Beaverton...wow...I'm really sorry:(
But seriously, I checked the map and you're not that far out. Besides all the freeness, there are other positives. You are only, like, 10 blocks from Alpenrose Dairy, home of Oregon's only velodrome (and the steepest-banked bike track in the country.) How fast did you say you can get El Dumbino going? Gabriel Park is nice. Loops around Fairmount up on Council Crest are lovely (but you gotta get UP there...) And speaking of up, getting home from anywhere you really want to go (east) is going to work you good. In these here parts there are West-siders and East-siders and you, clearly, are a misplaced East-sider. We'll get you over here soon, I hope.

Beaverton is not a hell. It just isn't Portland :-) That said, we are neighbors, maybe 2 miles apart, same zip code. You've got a Fred Meyer close by AND The Raccoon Lodge. Could be worse. When I get back to town (work, traveling) we could meet up. Do get in some loops around Fairmount!

45th Ave Drycleaners -- SW 45th and Vermont: the guy's my wicked Step-Queen (yes, that title's for real, ask sometime) and also the best dry-cleaner in the world. Check it out. Also, Gabriel park's a nice place to go and play.

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