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October 27, 2008


yeah, the westside can be a little challenging. However, Beaverton does have a nice network of bike paths; you aren't too far from the Fanno Creek Trail. Flatter for sure. I wish I was in town; I'd show you around. That said, if you cross Beaverton Hillsdale, heading north on Laurelwood, working your way over to Canyon Drive, then head east, it will put you at in intersection of Canyon Rd, cross that (sharp up, gear down, but it is short), follow up and around, cross over Hwy 26,and you can follow the Sunset Hwy bike path east over Sylvan, down to the zoo and washington park (hills; the very ones I ride over to get into Portland proper), but it is pretty. Go west on the Sunset bike path, and you get dumped into the top of my neighborhood, and can drop into Beaverton from there (cautiously. Do not ride on Walker Rd east of Cedar Hills!)
Whatever, I'll be back in town next week.

Change, no matter how much it is wanted, can be daunting. Hang in there and don't push the optimism too hard. It will come in time.

I'm speaking from the experience of a highly mobile childhood (we moved every two years or so to a new state, inching farther and farther west until we ran out of real estate when I was almost 12 -- I've called Oregon home ever since).

Listen to Lynne! She knows the west side like the back of her hand and will show you the cool places. Meanwhile, take it easy on yourself (and your body) and give yourself time to acclimate. Especially with time-changes, consistent, early bedtimes are helpful.

Hi Scott. Hang in there with them hills, and just consider how far you've come. The very fact that you are able to ride them should be a cause for celebration, not despair. Gear down and adjust you speed expectations. You are way ahead of the PDX learning curve if you already found the cemetery route to and from the Sellwood bridge.

My weekly bike commute used to include more than a mile of vertical elevation gain. Took a while to get used to, but you get to love the variety of the terrain and the different skills it lets you test. Riding may be easier on the east side of town, but west-side riders are badass!

Barking in Riverview? Man, you are an animal! That is awesome. Last time I was there I raced a coyote up the hill (he won, of course, but it was fun while it lasted). And you can take getting kicked out as a badge of honor. But don't let it stop you from re-visiting. Non-barking bikers are usually welcome there.
Take care of the cold and your women. Realize the off-balance-ness is a natural part of relocation, and keep on with the pioneer explorations. It's going to feel like home real soon.
Also, don't be too hesitant to load the bikes on the bus or car to get somewhere flatter. I agree, keeping Chloe off the hwy is good, but she would LOVE the esplanade and Springwater trail if you can get her there.
On another note - I know it goes against all healthy eating instincts (mine included), but if you guys want to bring Chloe over to our place for the annual costumed neighborhood candy begging extravaganza this Friday, or just visit, the invitation is officially extended. Let me know.

Hills are why God invented little chainrings.

Same sort of hilly situation in Berkeley. All I can say is that you'll get used to it, and will eventually find the best routes to get where you want to go. I'd never live anywhere flat again.

Ahhh. Riverview.. I used to commute up that hill every morning. It's kind of weird how the bike can be pointed up at such an angle and the rain *still* seems horizontal. Descending in the dark on the way home was good fun though. There are some cool hidden rope swings in the hills above the river bank (okay..there were ~15 years ago).

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