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September 17, 2008


Absolutely incredible. Congratulations on your success in losing all that weight.

Keep shaving, You look so much younger without it!

Dude, you look older without the scratchy stuff. Or maybe it's the "Hey you kids, get off my lawn" look...

You da man!

Relax. It's all good. You should be so proud!

Lol, at least you _have_ hair dude!

Sometimes the beard comes off and there's no chin under there, which is disturbing. But you have a fine looking chin.

My favorite part is that as your body gets narrower, your smile gets broader! Good work!

Grow it back grow it back for the love of all that is holy grow it back. And some meaty sideburns whilst your at it too ;)

Fat Lad

Beard or not......your eyes are scarin' the crap out of me.

Seriously, I think you look much younger without the facial hair...whatevs, you lost the equivalent of a Saturn 5 booster rocket in weight, so grow it back if ya wanna-you deserve to look the way *you* want to look.

Oh man you are so skinny, eat somthin will ya! haha just kidding.
awesome job! keep up the good work.

I passed you and your daughter on the greenway a few weeks back and recognized you from your distinctive goatee. I think you look great both ways, and healthy and happy.

I'm sorry you'll be leaving, actually. I've been thinking of winter biking for the first time this year to address some health problems of my own and you are my inspiration!

My heart is quailing at the cost of studded tires and winter gear, but I'm going to try it.

I've never commented on your blog before, but I have read it and followed your story. Thanks for sharing it!

Wow. Without the in between no one would ever believe that the guy in the first shot is the guy in the last shot. Truly impressive accomplishment and for all the right reasons.

DOOOOD! You don't look ukranian to me! I like the goatee on it, but dude, you got a nice face, so it's not necessary unless you want it back.

The real question: which face does Amy like to kiss the most? The goateed one or the non-goateed one?

Since my accident, I decided to grow the goatee AND beard until I could get back on the bicycle and ride, then I'll shave it all off. My wife on the other hand would rather have me shaved all the time, which I ignore at my own peril. YMMV. Any news on the moving front?

OH... and lest I forget: CONGRATS AGAIN scott! Your weight loss and lifestyle changes continue to be a source of inspiration for me (and many many others)!!!

Ride on.

Hey great pics and facial hair is sooooo 2002! Although, you may need it if you stay the winter.

How about a pic posts of your bike(s) and their different incarnations throughout out your journey?

you look so much better without a beard IMO

I know that cat, he played for the Police, yes? You look good without the gray snot on the chin. Clean shaven or with facial hair, you are still my brother and I am proud of you.

I have been following your blog for about a year and I confess I had lost sight of the whole weight thing - for me it is just one of the best cycling culture blogs in the blogosphere. I am so inspired by your commitment. I was originally captured by the winter riding blogs – man you are tough, and as an ex-pat Canadian I know a thing or two about cold.

I was out looking at a Kona Ute today. Don’t know how it stacks up against a Surly Big Dummy but I am researching it. They tell me the law here (Queensland, Australia) won’t allow the second person to ride, and I am pretty disappointed to hear that.

Anyway, please keep riding, keep blogging, make friends with that very handsome face, and enjoy California!

Wow ... so that's the story behind the goat. Awesome!

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