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September 04, 2008


Ride Chloe ride!

Soon she will be asking to ride the El Dumbino, just watch!

Seventeen miles?

Holy buckets.

Also, I passed you on the greenway yesterday, right as you were going under Nicollet. You werent smiling! ;)

That's Rad! Tell Chloe I'm sorry I didn't get to see her riding it the other night; I was on a mission for half-n-half as we ran out at el shoppe...

Epic!! I believe that is what the Finns refer to as SISU (all caps necessary!)


There is something really inspiring and beautiful in this story. I hope the next time I fall or fail 75% of the time (on or off the bike), I get back up smiling, assuring those around me I'm okay.

Go Chloe!
I am super impressed. I have a soft spot for schwins and persistent young ladies. Well done. I will blog a special New Mexico Nappy Squirrel in her honor.

That is just the best thing I've read all day. Can't wait to see you guys rolling around PDX.

This had me laughing out loud at work. Well played, Chloe!! What an inspiration!

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