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May 11, 2008


Oh, hell yeah:-)

Where do I get in line for some LFoaB clothing?

There's lots of us out there, ya know-you might be on to something.....

Sweet. The very best part of this post is the comment that no, I don't think I'm Lance Armstrong. I love my wife and would never leave her (to paraphrase).

I love the (not so) subtle dig.

Keep ridin'

See, I think a line of cycling wear for the larger (yet shrinking) rider is long over due.

I would wear a pair of LFoaB knickers while riding. Hell I would wear a LFoaB "3 Ft." Tee-shirt! (that would be a T-shirt with "3ft." printed on the back and an arrow pointing left.)

And because it would be the only items that I would wear while riding, I would expect that you would hook me up for the whole free thing you are working out with Q!

Srsly, a line of riding gear for Large Fellow's (and females) would sell like crazy(because there is practically no market for them.) And you could continue being a fab father while working from home.

LFoaB clothing. I'll take it. Perhaps it will be made large enough so my ass will no longer explode out the top of my shorts when I lean forward for the hill climb. That and extra-tall floppy jerseys. Where do I mail the check?

Are you getting with the guys at Twin Six? That would rock. I'm not a lycra guy, but I'd don a LFoaB plastic shirt...

I cant wait to see what you have up your selves. For big people like myself we can go to aerotechdesigns.com for our REALLY REALLY big needs. (I hope I'm not breaking any rules but I think its important for big people to get comfortable clothes.)

A couple things semi-related to several of your recent posts, but not directly in response to any particular one. If you filter, feel free to not post this, but since I couldn't find an email for you I didn't know how else to contact you.

First, I know you commented on moving to Portland. Not sure if you were serious or not, but if so, my congregation (Portland Mennonite) has a rental house next to the church that just vacated. Rent is $1100/month. It’s located on SE 35th about a block off Hawthorne, which is freak central (in a mostly good way) for Portland and just about ground zero for all things bikey (Sasha White’s workshop/studio is on 35th about 5 blocks away). The central eastside is definitely the most bike-friendly part of town. The house is also about two blocks from Sunnyside school and park. It’s smallish but well maintained. Downside is listening to the evening practice sessions of the praise band from the Hispanic congregation that shares the church. They’re loud, but they don’t practice late. And who knows, maybe you could sit in and jazz things up a bit. I also don’t think church attendance is required to live there – we’re a pretty diverse and reasonable group; not too wacky or uptight, but the pastor could answer that question better. His name is Rod Stafford and his number is 503-234-0559. Feel free to drop my name.
I don’t know if your wife would be looking for a hospital job, but a couple miles away is Portland Adventist hospital. Since they’re run by the Adventist church, they tend to be pretty holistic (in a hospital kind of way) and have the best (vegetarian) hospital food in town.
On the subject of food, I know Minnesota is a farm state, but we’ve got a ton of farmer’s markets all over town, and some are already open and selling good veggies.
Also, I want to thank you for linking my essay on wanting a fixed gear bike. I wanted to let you know I won it! I finally have something good to show for the English degree. Well, I don’t actually have the bike yet, since they’re building it up to my specs, but I’m feeling pretty hooked up – and definitely think you deserve similar treatment from QBP.

Finally, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m really disliking the black background with gray text – finding myself squinting one-eyed to read it. Maybe you’re trying to reduce traffic or keep out the riff-raff?

Ride Long,

Mike Mann

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