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May 21, 2008


Rode in this morning under a blue sky with rank and file formations of cottony clouds moving across the sky, temps in the low 60's, and just enough of a breeze to make the air interesting. What a phenomenal morning to be alive, healthy, and on a bike. The only bit of sadness on the ride in was about a half mile away from work when I realized the best part of the morning was about to end. Shoulda just kept pedalin'...

Thumbs up and grin from the East Coast to yous'n'yaws.

I liked it better when you were asking people for free shit - let's get back to your roots.

Oh, and I just gave you a hit from Italy, you freak.

Did you really get the Mormons to say that? If so you are the MAN!

That was probably me you passed in the team kit. What can I say. Sometimes it's fun to pretend. Just keep on Riding!


Yep, they actually said that [but of course, they were also desperate to get rid of me and find someone they could actually 'Recruit'].

Don't think we passed you... you'd have known it: we are lit up like an X-Mas Tree when we roll at night. It would have caught your attention.


I know it is fun to pick on the guys in Lycra and a pace line, but were they 120 years old? I am sure you are one rockin rider, but I am just curious how a guy riding a bike with slightly wider tires, with a young lady in tow could pass the aforementioned pace line if they were really riding as fast as they could. Maybe you left out the part about them cooling down, or just going slow, to make it a more enjoyable story.

I do not bring up this point to be a jerk. Actually, I should have left well enough alone, but know I have about 5 minutes invested in writing this comment, so I will just throw it out there.

Oh hell, just go out and ride!


If we were going 19mph, and they... 12mph, I am assuming [praying?] that they were warming down.

I would also assume [pray?] that you would have read that 'tween the lines of my entry.



Don't pick on us (Mormons) to much. We just found something we love and want to share it with other people to bring them happiness. If you already have something you believe in great!

Its really hard to have a mission in America where every middle class person isn't open minded and believes what they hear on the TV. (as to a foreign mission)

Were not some cult like them scientologist were just normal people who don't drink coffee and smoke/drink with only one wife.

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