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May 24, 2008


Best of luck in PDX.

I hope if the FBI really does want to chat with you, you will not do so without an attorney.

So isn't this what freedom is about?...living OUR individual dreams?...in OUR individual pursuit of happiness? How sad it is to criminalize those that have thoughtfully chosen to make that journey.

Ah, swings...they're the best! Though at the peak of 40 now, I have never outgrown the swing. My nephew and I will be on them tomorrow...having a blast! Of course, the other parents and adults will watch from the sidelines, as usual.

Yo brother: Take some care in the blogisphere. You might want to checkout the NY Times magazine today, nice article by Emily Gould and it might have some relevence to your conundrum about publicity and opinions and violins. I personally never understood violins and the internet(s), but some seem to think they belong together. Even though Ms. Gould seems to have had a change of heart, I get the feeling she was one of those clicky mean girls at school. Anyway, I digress. So here's hoping the feds don't think you are a commie, and the rednecks don't beat you senseless because you "...don't eat no meat. It's OK, they can make you lamb" and all kidding aside, you feel more at home in your own skin. You deserve some bliss. Oh, yeah, as gas gets more and more and more expensive, folks will realize you can't effectively power a bicyle with large amounts of protien anyway, it just doesn't work that way. So it might be beneath you to prosyletize.

Don't accept any offers of free vacations on a Caribbean island from our FBI "friends".

Cool... the FBI wants to talk to you! Ask them if they don't mind if you take some pictures and record some audio for the blog...

Of course the FBI wants to talk to you. Bike advocate, vegetarian, Jazz drummer for cryin' out loud. You're obviously planning to ride around the RNC rallying the other radials with your subversive beats so you can fling tofu at McCain when he shows up. Sheesh. As our local bikey radical/racer/shop owner Molly Cameron says, "If there was a sarcastic font I would use it. All the time."

On the other hand, we can all feel pretty secure knowing the FBI has nothing better to do than talk to you. I mean, how bad can the domestic terrorist threat be if you are on their radar? They've got to justify their existence (and my tax support) somehow, I guess.

On the other OTHER hand, what a sad life that must be, to troll blogs looking for threats from conscientious, peace loving souls like you. That's the definition of pathetic, if you ask me. And if you're reading this and you're one of them, please, take a moment to step outside and breath some fresh air. Better yet - go for a ride.

What was that you were telling me about those seditious items you keep hidden DEEP in your rectum?

You know, sometimes if I'm really tired I just stand around at the park, but more often than not, I'm playing with my son, and occasionally I feel like the camp counselor because I've got ALL the kids at the park doing something silly and running around while the rest of the parents stare in consternation. I'm a freak, I go to Burning Man, I like fire and watching things blow up (but NOT with people in them!). I've often wondered how long it would take for the FBI to want to talk to me... but I think your readership is considerably bigger than mine. :)

As for an FBI interview, yeah... bring the camera, tape recorder... hell, you could even bring your own cameraman/woman and film the whole thing. Put it up on YouTube if that pans out.. I'd like to see it.

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