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March 15, 2008


Very nice.

"Because I feel strong riding it"

I love that one

Act I is great, Act II speaks volumes, nicely done.

Because there is no such thing as a bad bike ride.

Financially marginal? Sounds like it's almost too expensive to upkeep. Maybe you mean financially negligible. Sorry to be a pedantic wanker.

Nice story in the StarTribune Scott!!!

When we first met in the park, a couple days after you had landed, I thought you would be heading back east ASAP....Now here you are in the local paper! Holy crap! It's great you stuck around, hope to see you and the family on the bike this summer.

btw I, along with many of your gentle readers, are eagerly enticipating the second chapter in the move saga. It's safe now, you made it. Your tale can be told.

Again, congrats on the press!!!

Love the list! I love riding because it feels like flying.
Saw the article in the Strib online-inspirational to me who needs to lose what now seems like an easy 50 pounds.
Keep pedaling.

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