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March 18, 2008


Never heard of him.

Nice interview. Hurl is one of the greatest bicycling icons in Minneapolis. Also a great article about the "Large Fella" in the Minneapolis Star Tribune today (yesterday? my work schedule keeps my days confused.) So I am going to visit Hurl this week and hit the Large Fella up for some future riding together. Both you folks rule!!!!

BTW, if you go to the One on One Bike Shop Studio page and hit the "Cars R Coffins" link it goes to a coffin maker's website. NIce!

i think i know him, but i'm not sure

Hi, love your site and story. This story has the questions in black font. I'm not sure if that was on purpose, but it makes the interview seem a bit one-sided! Since the background is black, that is...

Keep on Ridin'

Thanks for pointing that out, Patrick.

For some unknown reason, the font color must have changed recently... I just fixed 'er up.

Happy Readin'...


Someday when I make my pilgrimage to the twin cities, I look forward to meeting and hopefully riding with you and Hurl, though not necessarily at the same time. I've already made my Portland pilgrimage (at least for this year) and rode around there, Davis is next (because it's so close) and then I suppose that the twin cities is next on the "Bike City Tour" list...

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