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March 18, 2008


Nice. Now you can write your vegan cookbook and put Rachael Ray out of business.

I get it about the cash but dude you have your life and that has more value than any Subway contract. Bob Brown's pockets aren't as deep as his heart but maybe one of the big companies will pick up your story to market the health benefits of their products. If they're smart they will!

Keep inspiring, Always!

Just found you through that article - congratulations on your success and a great story!

Nice story in the StarTribune Scott!!!

When we first met in the park, a couple days after you had landed, I thought you would be heading back east ASAP....Now here you are in the local paper! Holy crap! It's great you stuck around, hope to see you and the family on the bike this summer.

btw I, along with many of your gentle readers, are eagerly enticipating the second chapter in the move saga. It's safe now, you made it.You're in the paper. Your tale can be told.

Again, congrats on the press!!!

Extremely cool.

You deserve the kind words.

Screw Subway....write your own lifestyle book:-)

Drums as well...cool. Nice article.

Dude! Yours is the most e-mailed and second-most read article on the Strib's web site this morning! Rock on!

Funny I just stumbled on your blog the other day from a link somewhere (CRC or one of their pals, I think) and then there you were on the front page this morning. Congratulations on all of it. Nice blog, nice bike, nice story. Hope to see you on the road this summer. I'm dreaming about PBP in 2011 too.

Great article! You're very inspiring!

Really great article and a great blog. I'm inspired to start riding my bike more! I can't tell you how proud I am of your successes, for whatever that's worth from a complete stranger. Ride on, large fella.

Inspiring. Fantastic work, I am proud of you.

This is the part where I wish we all lived closer: I would like to come out and ride when the Twin Cities are green too.

Hi - I just saw your article in the Strib. At the risk of sounding like a syrupy suburban housewife - congratulations on working it.

I heard about your article in the Strib on the radio this morning, so when I got to work the first thing I wanted to do was check it out! Amazing! Congratulations. I will look at your blog. But, what gave you the motivation... no, the will, strength, power, temperance, to do it? I come from a family of fat people 250 - 450 pounds. We all KNOW the right thing to do. We CHOOSE not to. What made you choose to fix it? I need to lose 100 pounds. I eat for every reason under the sun: WITH THE EXCEPTION OF TWO REASONS: 1. HUNGER 2. Nutrion
Dumb, I know...
Are you afraid you will gain it back and change back into your previous lifestyle?
Thanks for sharing your story!

You are an inspiration to all!! You are the perfect example to those who try all the fad diets and complain they don't work. It's not just about what you eat but also what you do and I hope people trying to get in shape will follow your example. awesome.

I used to read your blog sporadically a few years back (linked from "Oil is for Sissies").

I now work at the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation and I plan to link the Strib article on our site.

Congratulations -- your story is very inspirational. Best to you and your family!


You've brought a small tear to my eye. The Strib article is now on my fridge.

Congrats. I love reading your blog!

Got one call this AM from a large person who wants to take up cycling, apparently because of the article. He mentioned your name, and I said, "Yep, I know that fucker." He was instantly impressed by this credential. Hope you don't mind me riding your coattails.

Bravo! I sent the link to my Sweetie as inspiration (she is also revamping her approach to food and losing weight).

Without having heard you play, I know you can play circles around me. One of these days you MUST come visit Portland and school me in Swiss triplet rolls...

Keep rockin' and riding -- happy spring!

What a great article and inspiring, motivating blog. Thank you for sharing - you're going to help alot of people today.

What's coolest about your story is that, obviously, something clicked, and just in time. You are who you were, but the chrysalis image is appropriate too, you are not who you were.
Portland's loss :( but if you ever get the itch to move again, we've got open arms. Minneapolis may be #2, but with you there, they're one step closer to first. Great profile. Keep ridin'

Wow! I am simply blown away by the article in the Strib. My guess is that you won't need Subway. You are making a difference to the people around you. I don't go to Subway so I can be like Jared, but I'll bet there are people around you who are embracing needed lifestyle changes because of you. That's the real goods!!

Upward and onward!!

Great story!!!

I hope this guy reads it.

What a fantastic article. Congratulations and keep on rockin' it.

Just read this article in the Strib and I can't even articulate how inspirational and unbelievably fucking awesome your hard work is. Thank you for sharing this journey. You've certainly motivated me to stop bitching and start moving.

Great article, Scott. I keep being impressed by you.

Just viewed the slide show, too -- Wow.

Scott, you're famous

Definition in my book of a hero is someone doing something which inspires someone in a way in which they think it is something extraordinary.

You are an inspiration and hero for so many people, hopefully even more now.

Scott, you SO totally Rock man!

Woo hoo!

Awesome! I agree with Ken Y's comment, you are a hero.

Don't tell anyone, but the slide-show got me a little teary eyed.

Scott, as always, massive respect to you.

A friend saw the strib article this morning, and turned it my way, thinking I needed inspiration. Well, I rode my bike about five miles for the first time this year. I can hardly close my fingers to unzip my jacket. Feels good. Thank you, Scott
Hey, I got some real drum stuff for you. Not gear, but written bass clef stuff.

Congratulations, Scott. I've been reading your blog for quite awhile now and have watched your transformation. Thanks for having the guts to share and to keep moving.

Perhaps you could become spokesman for one of the more elegant red wines such as Night Train or Boones Farm -- IT'S HEART HEALTHY!!

Yesterday, before your article appeared, I was searching somewhat desperately for inspiration to continue my transformation. Over the last 4 years I lost 140 pounds by exercise and healthy eating. Many, many things have changed in my life and yet over the past 6 months old thought patterns have crept in and I have put back on 40lbs. I don't worry so much about the number, but what happens in my life around why that weight has come back to me. I want you to know, from a person who is struggling and bound to be determined to live life in a healthy, strong and "normal" sized body, you are an incredible inspiration. I just smiled last night when I saw your article. My reward for having made it through the day staying healthy. Thank you for reminding me that it takes time, there is no solution by tomorrow and expressing your happiness in being physically active in your life! I would like to know more about your choices and how you make your meals. I live on all types of vegetable and bean (red lentils!!) soups, but I never thought of having soup with RICE NOODLES--I LOVE them! and lime and hot sauce--oh yeah, that's the kind of tastes I enjoy, but haven't tried as part of my daily food.
Thank you very, very much for sharing your struggles and successes. I'll be reading for sure!

Man, you rock.

I last read your blog regularly in 2005. I never quite understood how much trouble you were in. It's beautiful, humbling, inspiring how you've turned it all around. It's not about the bike exactly, but without the bike...o man would that suck, huh?

Hey man, you are a hero. Last year I got my weight down from 300 to 250 to do the AIDS lifecycle ride. Since then I've been depressed about the fact that I started smoking again and put most of the weight back on.

Thanks for the inspiriation to turn myself around.

A friend forwarded your story to me. Keep doing what you are doing. Ride, ride, ride.

Holy crap scott, yer blowin up! I remember when there was just a small handful of us posting comments on yer blog... let's hope the readership sticks around (they should, you're a damn fine writer and I've linked to you numerous times). Good job boyo! BTW the startribune article is pretty good (your blog is better, but it takes a lot longer to read from start to finish, and I've been doing that for years now) but the one in Momentum leaves a lot out. I know they weren't doing a nutrition and weight loss article but I was disappointed to see no mention of your success.. at least they put a link to yer blog. It's funny though, I still think of you as a New Yorker in my head and they say you have a Minneapolis Bike blog.

One last thing... are there any recordings of you playing drums? I've been a drummer roadie for years and a big fan of music (specifically drumming) even longer, and I've oft wondered how you sound... got anything we (yer readership) can hear?

But, then, conscientious liberals cannot enjoy automobiles because there is global warming to worry about,...

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