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March 21, 2008


Nice Bling there! I can tell you're skinnier because only a guy who's lost a buncha weight and gotten all healthy and stuff would build up a wheel that takes a FREEWHEEL. Yeah! Rock on! Whoooo!

(God I love Phil hubs)

Nothing in bicycle mechanistry is as inspiring as building up Your Very Own Wheels.

What brevet are you planning on doing? Do you know about the TCBC rides this season?


Nice work. I have to disagree with Beth. While wheelbuilding is inspirational, it pales in comparison to getting out the torque wrench to tighten the bolts to spec on a carbon stem or bottle cage. When you get it nice and tight without hearing that crackling sound...pure nirvana.

Nice Photos!
Is that your shop?
And what beth said, freewheel?
No really, I was just playing with the phil flip flop fixie hub on my travel bike and they are really nice. So nice, I was going to take photos, but you beat me to it. even crusty phil crap is smoove.

Nice work, Batman! (Hope I got the spoke length right for ye...)

Is that Bob's shop? Did you put the tools back? Sweep the floor?

What the heck? You write that you are doing the wheel build and yet supply photos of some thin dude spoking away. What kind of misleading blog is this "Large Fella on a Bike"? We have been duped!

Scott, I have to say I touched your Phil rear hub when it came in - beautiful. Hopefully the weight of my fingerprints don't slow you down.



Shhhh, it someones shop. [wink]


Yep, thanks, no sweat... Ugenda Olobambingalalako Esq.


Sorry, my PhotoShop skillz are getting better, what can I say?


Didn't know you touched it, but did find one of your beard hairs threaded into the bearings [DNA'ed it to find out]. Please, next time... be more careful.


anyone need a SON hub? I got one laying around the shop I can sell cheap! I got a phil rear too, but I have to cut a bunch of spokes out to get at that one.


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