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March 22, 2008


I saw your article on startribune.com and linked your slide show to my blog. I am a rider from champlin mn. and was totally inspired by your story and your riding. Thanks for the inspiration.

Holy crap - sub 220 lbs!

I see you received my photo - a nice image of you for Easter Sunday.


The photo's very... clockwork orange?

(and under 220? sladky! that's real horrorshow!)

Congrats on your progress! That's fantastic!

You are so inspiring, makes me want to start right this minute shedding excess baggage. You are a real person who has been there, no whining you just did it. I am so sick os skinny people advertising weight loss products on TV, and only skinny people modeling outfits for toothpicks.
Hope to meet you someday when I am in the cities visiting.

...feels good to undo the past, while living in the present, and heading toward the future.

This is beautiful.

Thanks to internet magic, I came across your newspaper article and blog yesterday and have to say, you are made of awesome.

Three years ago, I decided to do a 140-mile charity ride for a cause I really believed in. When I made that decision, I didn't even have a bike, and I was easily 100lbs overweight. My first training ride was 6 miles long; I had to stop 3 times to rest and use my asthma inhaler.

Now, 60 pounds lighter, I'm training now to do that same ride for the third time. Last summer, in the middle of a week-long bike tour of Oregon, as I crested a section of the coast range mountains after a 6-mile climb and saw the Pacific Ocean come into view between the pines, I realized how literally I had changed my life. Those words of yours that I quoted above perfectly describe what was in my heart at that moment.

Thanks for sharing your story. Although I love all of the things I am able to do now, there are some days when it's still hard to remember that even a sluggish bike ride is better for me than just sitting on the sofa (especially when I know that there will always be some tool in an SUV ready to let me know just how he thinks my ass looks in lycra). It's tremendously helpful to read the words of someone who's been down a similar path. Keep riding, and keep writing.

Arrrrgh! That be a white whale you've got there... watch out!

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