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January 05, 2008


I think that's one of the Errol Morris-directed High Life commercials. One of the stranger product-creative mind combinations I've ever seen. I wasn't even aware that you could buy High Life anymore until I saw those ads, though they don't run them on TV down here in Texas...

BTW, Scott, I didn't get to chime in back on your sub-250 post, but I just wanted to mention how moved I was by reading of that achievement. It struck home, especially your mention of the possibility of bariatric surgery, as my family struggles with weight and one very close relative has had the bariatric surgery, which has greatly improved their weight, but not corrected their dysfunctional relationship with food. If anything, that's gotten worse.

Even though we've never spoken, I've actually been following your blog from the very beginning (I followed a link to the FBQ and bookmarked your feed). Please accept my most sincere congratulations and best wishes to your family for the new year.

That's pretty high praise for Miller, I must say.

Seriously, email me off-blog about PDX. We can chat.

Freewheel still had a lot of studded tires when I was in there today.

I need to put another frame together if I want to use them, so I'm still just using cross knobbies. Given the forecast for the next few days, I might really be wanting them soon...

Hiawatha had several sets of the Kenda Klondike tires last time i was in there, to buy a set for myself. They have carbide studs like the Nokians, similar tread and size. I only have about 30 miles on mine, but so far so good, no slips on ice. They're nice tires.

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