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November 29, 2007


I'm a fan of a very light jacket, say like a windbreaker, then put a few layers under it for winter riding. My zipper height is then adjusted depending on the temperature.

Most people don't make it their first winter, the second winter is much easier than the first, though.

See ya around.

For cold weather riding I turn to Beans insulated boots or a pac boot and wool hiking socks. My commuter/all around bike has campus pedals, one side spd and one side flat so it is an easy switch. Once the temperatures gets much below 20, I drop the cycling shoes and overboots and switch to my winter boots for every day rides.

You have probably seen it but if you haven't check out www.icebike.com.

Hi Scott,

My wife uses plastic bags under her mittens and socks as vapor barriers. I don't know if they're still a big camping thing, but when I first got started backpacking, vapor barrier liners were a big thing. Theoretically, by stopping the ability of the perspiration to evaporate, you stop the heat loss associated with the evaporation. Plastic grocery bags work just as well as fancy shmancy backpacking gear, and it works well enough that I find my wife stuffing her hands and feet into plastic bags before she takes off in the morning. You might give it a try.

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