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August 04, 2007


Hang in there. Midwest is a different world when compared to NYC. Mn. is different still. There is a strange battle of the cyclists that is going on, the Vehicle Cyclist or VC and the cyclist that uses paths and lanes. The very strong VC believes that paths and lanes are inherently more dangerous than riding the road and further relegates bike riding to pedestrian class status instead of serious transportation. That might be what you ran into.

Did you get the plate of the vehicle that hit you? That is the evil we seem to have become. Keep on riding.

One more thing. Please post your best hummus recipe.

"...Stay on the sidewalk from now on, where you belong": the ultimate stupid comment from a motorist. If you ride the sidewalk then the pedestrians yell at you.

I had a women larger than me yell the same thing at me almost word for word once. The only brilliant thing I could think to come back with was 'sidewalks are for walking, you fat bitch'. Of course I didn't help the situation any but sometimes in the heat of battle we lose our composure. Keep the faith...I admire your courage.

Very cool that you are getting riding in. You haven't been blogging much so glad to hear you are doing well. All I can say is that is one bad ass photograph. I love it!


I think in many cities, Critical Mass had it's time. I think it only works if the local government itself is openly hostile to cyclists, not just ignorant of them. Otherwise, you're just annoying the very people who you want to keep watching out for you. CM in Portland died about two years ago, mostly as a result of fulfilling it's mission. When the mayor comes out for a ride with you, you've achieved cycling fusion.

When that happens to me, I pop a 44 slug into the offending motorist's engine compartment. That usually changes his/her perspective.

On my big charity ride this past weekend, I rode into the second night's stop and was greeted by not one, but TWO car loads of teenagers yelling at me to get my ass off the road. Then I watched as one of the cars suddenly swerved wildly a block ahead of me and nearly hit a telephone pole, before careening rightward on its merry way. Way to go, f*ckos.

I am glad you are riding! Keep at it and you WILL find your groove.
You will, you will.

I saw a CM ride in Copenhagen last month. It was odd, especially since all of the regular cyclists going about their daily business via the excellent bike facilities seemed to ignore it. The car drivers didn't seem to notice much either -- just another parade to them, I guess.

Checkin it out via Ken's blog (reflector collector-rod with him at TI) Right on brother, keep pedalling and droppin the lbs. Lots of pride from the yankee chillin in Nashvegas.

People suck. One of my mechanics was run off the road the other night, then the bastards backed up and ran over his bike. It'll be funny when all these people are paying $5 a gallon to be assholes.

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