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August 28, 2007


S -- contact me via email. I think I can help with the frame vision here. --B

Those are both bikes that I have lust for "in my heart." But if you really want a "don't worry about it" bike, then you should take a look at Kent Peterson's bike.


If you read back far enough, you can read the history of it, and the small amount of money he has in it. Not as groovy as a LHT or P/R, but the worry factor would have to be even lower.

I've recently purchased a Rivendell Bleriot and I'm pleasantly surprised at the ride of the 650Bs. I didn't buy the bike because of the tires, but because of the fit, and the tires are essential to the nature of that bike. Don't just rule them out because of the "hype" but try 'em, you may like 'em.

As far as that "fire and forget" kind of bike, I have a Specialized Expedition Elite that I've had for years. Inexpensive, bog standard parts and it just runs. I'd love to build out a Steamroller with a flip-flop hub, but until then, the Expedition is my go-to bike in the winter.

Everyone and his/ her bro has a Surly around here. I hate the mindset that everyone has the same as everyone else. Ick. Surly makes great bikes but it's just too damn cool to own one these days. You got BB in town. Why look anywhere else? One other idea for your B-day, What about a group ride?

How about something that's at home on the dirt like the Karate Monkey? Lots of good dirt in the TC.

How about a used mountain bike from the 80's? Re-cycle. Buy it locally. It's the way.

Didn't you start this whole journey with a Trek 520? What happened to it? Those are great bikes. and a Rivendell Atlantis and the BB - I must have missed part of the story somewhere. On the other hand, some Islamic countries permit a man four wives IF he can provide for them and keep them happy. I feel that way about bikes. Happy almost B-day and good fortune on your quest.

Keep four wives happy? Yikes!

How 'bout an ANT?

I spent some time on the Minne./St Paul Craigslist and there seem to be a good number of older, lugged, steel bikes going for a good bit less that the frames you mention. Have you thought about the winter yet? Will you be riding your BB in the winter? I converted an old schwinn touring bike into my winter commuter w/ a nexus 8 hub and a schmidt hub for lights. Buying new seems like a lot of extra $$ for a "beater". Just my opinion.

It's a coupla daze early, but Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday.

How about a redline mono-cog?

Let me make a suggestion. You and I have many things in common. I have not lost as much weight as you, but at one point I did weigh more than the 300lbs that the biggest scale I have access to can measure. I am now abour 240lbs.

I have four bikes: a Specialized StumpJumperFS mountain bike, a Bridgestone RB-1 with a triple crank Phil Wood hubs and heavy duty wheels, a Burley Duet tandem and my newest bike a Redline 925.

I would encourage you to consider the 925. I got it primarily so I could put S&S couplings on it and use it as a travel bike (I am a frequent business traveler).

I am new to fixed gear but quickly learning to enjoy it. I find that by having to pedal constantly I get a better workout in a short time. There is something I find exhilarating about standing up and getting ready to attack a hill when normally I would have shifted down.

The 925 is a $500 dollar bike and it comes with fenders, rack braze-ons and moustache bars. I got an older model with drom bars and mine came with 28mm tires. I have since replaced them with Avocet FasGrip Duros in 32mm.

This seems like an ideal second bike for a big guy (or large fella).

BTW you and I share a drean, I would also like to ride PBP, my goal is to prepare for PBP 2011.

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