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June 12, 2007


Well, Hoorah! Glad you made it; have fun unpacking, and get out and ride to make it official.


Hey Scott,

Glad to hear you guys made it ok. Hope you decide to unload the bike soon and let us know how the exploring goes.



Glad you guys made it. I have been missing your updates.

Cool. Take your time settling in but I know a whole bunch of us would love to get your impressions of the great interior. No matter how cool a new place is, you'll find yourself missing all kinds of places, people and things from where you came from. Even though I love it here in Issaquah, there still is a lot I miss about other places I've lived.

-- Kent

Welcome to St Paul. Come visit Downtown St Paul and stop by at Mickey's Diner and the Haberdashery.

Welcome to the midwest. Hope all goes well for you.

From Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Yeeeee-haaawww!!! :D

Dear Scott, I am a 19-y.o large girlwho discovered your site just today, and I'm so inspired and touched by it. I've always felt like I couldn't ride a bike because there's so much of me, but seeing how your bike has changed your whole life is making me rethink that. Thank you so much for letting us all follow you on your journeys.

Welcome to the Cities. I work at the www.Wedge.Coop between uptown and downtown Minneapolis. Ask for Josh in Grocery most any afternoon/ evening if there's anything food or bike related I might be able to help you with, in exchange for an entertaining read over the months.

Welcome and welcome! Maybe you should put out a call for all your Twin City readers for a meet-up, group ride (when you get settled in of course).

Welcome to Minnesota. I've just stumbled across your blog and I'm another Large Fella with a bike. If you want some company and a tour, you can reach me at the above email address. Get out and ride now, in a week or two, it will start to get really hot and sticky here and biking isn't nearly as much fun...

Dude, I'm glad to hear that you made it in one piece. I've missed your updates and I look forward to the new missives from Minnesota! How's the family adjusting to the new environment?

Thanks folks, kind words-All.

I'm working on a kind of Super Post that basically outlines w/pics our Move From Hell.

I haven't forgotten about posting, just been busy riding, settling in and collecting thoughts for the Big Move Post.

Peace & Blessings-


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