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March 12, 2007


Ride baby, ride! I haven't done "the big ride" since I was in highschool and gravity seems to be pulling me in that direction as well.

I think that's the best way to approach a long ride. Just go out for a fun day on the bike. Go exploring. Of course remember to take along the proper supplies. Some of my longest rides started out that way. I would take my bike out on a nice Saturday morning, and I would feel just like I was 10 year old again. Before I knew it, my short spin had just passed 40 miles.

Scott -- I LOVE reading your blog.
I grew up skinny and short in a family of big, tall, heavy people and no one knew why for years. All they knew was that I could eat anything and not get bigger, while they had to watch the sugars in a freaking apple to avoid sending their pre-diabetes into the real thing. My parents and older sister hated me for being skinny. When I was finally diagnosed with Crohn's it made more sense.

It was hard watching my big, tall heavy -- and sedentary! -- parents be so winded and out of shape, while I wanted to hike and bike and go camping and they couldn't keep up with me. I knew part of it was their lifestyle but part of it was genes, too.

After our parents passed away (too young) my big sister -- who'd spent much of her life looking just like mom and dad -- went on a tear. She changed her eating habits, looked at various physical activities until one grabbed her imagination (kayaking! can you believe it? Personally, I'd drown, but good for her), and lost nearly 80 lbs in a year and a half. Two years later, she has kept most of it off, says she feels much better, and has started riding her bike with me on warm days. (She's waiting for me to go kayaking with her. Says I'll love it. Yikes.)

But The Big Ride is really, I think, all about The Big Life. Living as much as you possibly can while you're here, and living well to boot. So keep on riding well and living well. And enjoy everything along the way. You rock.

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