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March 07, 2007


No problem, you're allowed. I feel the same way about winter.

WTF are you talking about here? Winter is nature's way of saying, "Hey old man, take a break already!" Winter keeps all those GD Mexicans indoors and quiet for a change, sweeps stinky old bag ladies off the street, keeps cops in donut shops instead of hassling me out on the highway, and it puts my OL in the mood each and every night. What's bad about that? As long as my sled is warm and dry in the garage at night, I could care.

Thanks for the rant. It was heard loud and clear around here by whomever is in charge of the thermometer. 50's all week.

I hear you loud and clear. I was up in Stamford/Westport, CT all last week for work. It was harsh. It did not help that whenever I called home (KY) I heard how nice it was. When I got back to KY on Friday and walked out of the airport, I was very pleasantly surprised. Here's hoping that it is heading your way soon.


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