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January 08, 2007


Great post.

You and the wife look great!

Wow Scott, you're doing great! When I read your blog sometimes the numbers don't mean much, but the photos really show the difference. You look 100% better. Keep up the awesome work.

When was the last time you were that size? The guy in this picture looks familar, I'm thinking behind the wheel of a blue Maverick, riding around with some chick named Marci (who was into Miss Piggy).

What business?

Scott, one of your best entries, ever! Very inspirational and from the heart. Keep up the good work with your life and your blog. Love the pics. They put things in perspective.

PS. I used to live in JC Heights and my wife lived in Hoboken. Those used to be old stomping grounds but that was a long time ago and I am sure things have changed plenty since then. It was a tough place to ride, I think. I used to head for 9W on weekends but it's like 10+ miles just to get there, so I had over 20 miles round trip in my legs just trying to get to a decent road. Once I got on 9W, I never wanted to return. Compared to that, the roads here in Guilford are insanely great.

Thanks. Things here have been wet, dark and cold. So your posting was great encouragement to me.

Scott, you are amazing and inspirational. Keep up the great work.

Question: If I want to encourage a Clydesdale cyclist on the street, what should I say? I'm a skinny road cyclist and I think it's great that people try to get out and exercise in spite of body image issues, but I'm afraid I might come across wrong or rude or sarcastic.

You are a rad dude.

Thanks folks, all the nice thoughts and comments are much appreciated.


That's a tough one. You know, "The Road To Hell Is Paved With... " and all that, it might go good but I'll bet it'll probably go bad.

My suggestion:

Get to the know the person and then go in for the helping hand. At minimum, ride with them and at their pace, talk lots, if you wear bug-glasses and such, take it off... humanize the experience. Big folks take much shit, so if you see one on a bike, assume it took a lot for them to get out there and treat the situation and them, with much respect and care.

Make a commitment to that person to ride with them anytime, anywhere they want, no questions asked... at their pace, and hang with them when they need [want] to stop [no looking at your watch, etc].

You prove your intentions and nothing is going to be misunderstood, ever. Words are much different than actions.

You may find that you've made the biggest change in their life, it'll feel great for both of you and...

you might have just made one of your greatest friends for life too [who knows].

To be sure though, it's a tricky thing indeed.

Peace & Blessings-


Fritz: You hang with them up the hills, tuck in on their wheel on the flats and, if you were polite while they worked their ass off up the hill, they won't drop you like a bad habit on the descents. I'm Scotts brother and before I blew out L-5 I did 3,200 miles a year at an average speed over 15mph, at 260 pounds. Some of us fat Freds can really get around. You don't have to be a runt to enjoy a good days suffering.

Hi Scott, I visit your blog regularly, and while I don't always agree with everything you post it's still a good read. This morning, sitting on my commuter train, my bike over in the rack, I started thinking that maybe I was getting burnt out on cycling a bit -- that it was getting in the way of relationships and requring too much mental energy (that I should be maybe pointing at work, say). Anyways, this post inspired and refreshed me. Thanks for that! I love your friend's quote/advice about keeping your head down and going S-L-O-W, who said that, Kent P.? Cheers, -Jim G


Glad to know, that in some small way, I helped.

No, the advice came from another fella I played in a number of bands with... but it easily could have come from Kent: he's giving me, at least, as much great advice & inspiration too.

Peace & Blessings-


This motherfucking ROCKS.

You motherfucking ROCK.

You made a pretty impermeable cycnic feel profoundly elated. I can just imagine how YOU feel.

Keep it up?

Done. And just keep inspiring us, motherfucker!!! :)

Thank You, Brother Core.

I'll keep pushing, that's for sure.


Wow. Beautiful. Inspiring. Scott, your example just makes me smile and smile and smile some more. Of COURSE riding a bike every day can make you healthier and stronger. Of COURSE it can! And obviously it's working for you. Keep riding. (And as soon as my sweetie tells me I've been over my Very Nasty Cold long enough to let me sneak outta the house I'll go riding too).
Cheers --Beth

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