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November 01, 2006


3XL? I saw that and got excited. Went to their web site and only found XL. Sent an email asking about it and was told they only go up to XL. I don't understand.



Their website does only show up to XL but their print catalog has them offered up to 3XL.

Regarding your email... sure you didn't send that one to a Tolkien 'Rivendell' fansite instead of Rivendell Bicycle Works? ;-)

They have them at Rivendell... just call.


You can call if you like. I always found it frustrating to deal with them. The web site is reportedly unupdated (Is that a word?). So I emailed "miesha@rivbike.com". Speaking of the web site, I said when they announced it was being updated that it would take a year, looks as if I was optimistic. I have an Atlantis that I got from them, but now it's the last place I go to look for stuff.


Why would I call, I have them [which I accomplished by-yep you guessed it-calling them].

Sounds like you don't want them... and you can't get them anywhere else so there ya go.

You want Bike Nashbar easy kinda purchases, you know where to go... you want the good stuff, you gotta work hard for it, really hard: pick up a phone. ;-)


You need to learn anger control. I suggest "The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius". He says that every day you will meet people who are greedy, envious, stupid, etc. You shouldn't be angry with them, because they are ignorant of "The Good". It isn't good for your health to be so angry. Why do you care what others ride or wear? If you have found "The Good' good! If they have not found it, perhaps some day they will.

Bill asked me to call about something he wants and is interested in... that's absurd, no?

I wasn't angry at all... I am far less angry than you think I am.

I'm also betting you're far more able to have a sense of humor and understand/comprehend wit & irony than your reply suggests.


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