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March 27, 2006


Congrats, nice bike. I was considering a copper chopper until Jesse built one, so I stay on basic black. Hows the emailing going with dad? Jake placed second of 85 in his first Pinewood derby. Best to pea and Amy.

Yowza! That is one hot bike.


Thanks Bro... hopefully it won't *actually* become a "Hot Bike". Around these parts, you never know.


Thanks on the bike, yeah I hope Amy digs it... it was a MASSIVE undertaking.

I've emailed Dad a bunch, no response since you left his crib. Is he repsonding via email to you? I'll try him again.

Give Jake a "Yo Dude... Great Job!" from us.

"Hugglies & Bugglies" to the Familia from Us.


So, do you have it yet? Is she thrilled? Inquiring minds want to know...


She LOVES it! She cried when I presented it to her... and then she smiled like a little girl getting something really great from Santa ...and then she cried again. Women!

Actually, we're heading out in just a second for a ride with Chloe's 'Piccolo' attached for the 1st "Insta-Tandem" ride... I'm taking the camera so look for a report and pics later tonight.

Thanks for stopping in...



You might think I'm silly, but why are the front and rear rims and tire different ? Is that a special performance disposition or a beautiful "caprice" ? I've never seen that before !

The bike is beautiful !

Bye from France

Oops I reply to myself... just read the answer on BB's blog

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