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September 21, 2005


Happy Birthday. No worries, I'm 44, act like I'm four but feel like I'm fourteen. Someday I'll grow up, but not grow old.

Yeah, what Fixedgear said :-)

I'm 45, act like 12 and lately feel like I'm 70 since I took vacation last week and rode everyday.

Happy burfday.............

so not on the vegan detox plan anymore?

Amy just walked in the door from shopping for my birthday dinner tonight-

Two 3" thick fillet mignons usda prime... from the same butcher that services Booby Flay's restaurants in the city...

Two 5lb live Maine lobsters...

Three huge Idaho baking potatoes...

1lb of fresh sour cream...

1lb of unsalted butter for the potatoes and lobsters...

Fresh chives for the tators...

Fresh green beans to be sauteed w/butter, olive oil and fresh garlic...

One bottle of Merlot from the Pacific Northwest...

1lb of Maytag blue cheese for a warm spinach & walnut salad...

so, no, I guess not tonight.

The stuff looks soooo good I feel like rolling over it for 10 minutes and marking it before eating it.


Happy Birthday and thanks for the white page/black type.

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