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September 15, 2005


Yay -- a new FBQ!!!

He last rode "last fall?" Can that be right?

He's "Selective".



Reading white text on a black background is hard on the eyes and makes for a tiresome read; Scott C.: Why? Why? Why?

I actually thought it made reading the blog easier on the eyes. Maybe it's my new system... I have a sweet-assed video card that I'm running maxed resolution on as well as 256mb's of memory... and that's JUST on the video card itself [my system has 1 gig of DDR ram]. Anyway, as I'm seeing stuff... this looks not only very pretty but extremely easy on the eyes.

Do you folks want it changed back to black on white?

I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll do it.


"...Red Hook ESB, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and almost anything by Sacramento Brewing Company..." Based on the quantity of my Sleeman Original Draught that you drank the last 2 times you were here evidently you're partial to that too! I cleaned out my garage, and now there's that big pile of empties that I have to take back. And let's not forget that trip out to the Copper Mug and Mad Trappers, neither was a cheap tab. Admit the fact, if it's fermented malt barley and hops you're partial to it, you're just not THAT discriminating!

Nice job Scott.

As far as the black on white or white on black..........It is slightly easier on the eyes reading it with a lighter background and darker text.

Having said that, my blog is blue with white text :-)

great interview
I have thought about doing some interviews
wanted to ask some Single Speeders some questions
sort of a way to aid other Single Speeders into becoming better single speeders
I myself am not a Single Speed
unlike Single Speeders... I only ride a single speed in a case where I am not disadvantaged by having only one gear
it is a tough balance
some people need to make a choice
performance or performance art
very few can do both

Old eyes + back background + white text = disaster!

I actually stopped reading 'cause it was giving me a headache. I have a large, high resolution screen so that has nothing to do with it for me.

Please change it back. I was not going to ask but since others mentioned it, you have my vote. Thanks for the great blog and FBQ series.

should read "Old eyes + black background + white text = disaster!"

I figured that steel-lugged frames were the best quality frames but I can't see any picture of such a frame here. Am I wrong in my opinion? -- And, from a usability point of view, grey text on black is a no-no. Otherwise, nice site!

I am waiting on my tandem...

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