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September 24, 2005


Got us one a them Francis Francis X1 in basic black. Nice machine, you are gonna like it. The Bicycle book is just awe-inspiring. It was my Christmas gift last year. Can't wait to see that bike when it is done, should be a stunner.

Damn, those are some pretty lugs!

Happy Birthday Scott!

I haven't been posting on my blog much do to the morbid fascination with hurricane season, oil prices, natural gas prices, etc. The devastation of New Orleans is just too much to write about.

I gathered from your last post that there are some allowances being made in your diet. Guess what? I stopped drinking coffee again this morning. I have this undiagnosed chronic illness which resembles malaria which crops up once or twice a year. I think my liver gets overloaded on pollen, but I also relate to a diet of coffee and grilled cheese sandwiches -- kid food in other words. I'll probably only keep off the coffee until the symptoms clear up.

I'll be turning 40 next May. My wife is planning to take a week off so I can take off backpacking in the wilderness I love.


Happy birthday old man.

Someone once told me that no matter what age or shape I was in, I should try to enjoy it to the fullest, because in 10 years I would give anything to go back to it. Right now, I'd give my left nut to be 42 again.

Recently, Ive had a Jackson Browne song stuck in my head, most particularly the lines:

"Sometimes I lay awake at night and wonder,
where the years have gone.
They have all passed under
sleep's dark and silent gate."

Living in limbo currently, no updates to the blog due to no internet access at home any longer. No TV either, which isn't so bad at all.

Current move in date on the house is last week in November. We'll see.

Happy birthday old man.

Just remember - this isn't like Viet Nam. There are rules here...

Hey Scott,
All the best people have a birthday on September 22nd. Here is what I did on my 43rd.

My mom says that ain't old. Old is when your youngest turns 43! Get out there and Ride!

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