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August 15, 2005


Wow, I wish you hadn't told me that this man I abhor listens to Trane. Every time I listen to my favorite Johnny Hartman/John Coltrane CD now, I'll think of Slick Willy.

Now I have a serious question for you. When I lived in Manhattan in 1973, I had an apartment beneath a jazz drummer. We became good friends, I used to take care of his dog on weekends when he had gigs out on the Island. His name was Kenny Mastelli but his stage name was Kenny Mastell. This guy was completely in the musician's life, he had no other job, and I doubt he would ever have been able to hold one. I always thought he would make it, but when I left Manhattan I lost touch with him and never heard anything about him again.

Have you ever heard of him?

Hi I knew Kenny and I even bought his Gretch drumset from him....I have not seen him in a while but I knew him pretty good. He was down the hall from my friend Dale, she was a drummer too. He lived on 12th st. Last time I saw him was about 8 yeasr ago. Gail

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