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May 14, 2005


So it sounds as if you are soon to be a famous dead writer with a Japanese widow.

lol, you forgot with a bisexual fan base too...



Yeah, I wasn't gonna go there.

Hey, did you get my e-mail about the TA bag?

Yep, thanks. I'm watching it.

Sorry I didn't reply to you sooner... I've been busy fielding death threat inquiries.


Chloe rules.

I don't get it. Did I miss something? Death threats?!

Awwwww, your daughter is a *cutie*!!!

Wassup with the death threats?

I am totally digging reading about builders I've never heard of. Good stuff.

How come my blog never gets any death threats?

The Donut Guy..........

If you don't write about (insert name here) I will hunt you down like a dog. It is great that it could lead to a new career, though.

Thanks for the kind words on Chloe...

Yeah, it seems my choices in which builders to feature and/or comments I made over at RBR have placed me squarely on a few folks' poop list. Beyond that, I guess it's the increased visibility of the blog based on "hits" through search engines... who knows, but I've been receiving some downright nasty/scary stuff regarding me and my family.

I guess they read my posts and pull the personal info from there and then email the threats.



Great to hear from you, Scott! You should have the FBQ be its own blog! Forget those playa haters. Except you simply must share those RBR tirades with us! Please?

Ooo - I hope/assume that means my Bob Brown will be moved up a tad, as well. I'd like a little use of it before the snow falls!



Good idea... I might do just that with the FBQ.

The RBR stuff will make it into it's own entry someday soon.

Yep, if one gets moved up... they all get moved up. I would assume you'll be seeing your BBC sooner than later.


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