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May 16, 2005


No es bueno, large.

Good luck.

I believe that John Wayne soldiered on even after breaking his leg in one of his WWII movies.

(slapping you sharply across the face)

Snap out of it, man. It's just a knee!

But seriously, I have some good news. Just wait. In another 25 years or so everything will hurt. Then it won't be so noticeable. I got to the point where climbing ladders or stairs was excruciating. I work on ladders frequently. Finally, I found that regular roller riding seemed to loosen things up and the pain went away. One gets creative as the years go by.

Resorting to pain meds is not your best option. Analyze the problem yourself. You live in that body. No one knows as well as you what is going on. Apply your considerable intelligence to what is happening. Maybe talk to a physical therapist. Be very cautious with orthopedists. Surgery is a last resort.

Hey I make donuts for a living, what the hell do I know about knees?

Seriously, get it checked out.

Good advice above-don't rely on pain meds too long. And yes, when you get older-shit hurts almost all the time :-)

Oh my gosh, take care of yourself! Yikes!

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