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May 13, 2005


I own an '81 Peter Mooney bike and it is just wonderful to ride. Sometimes when I come back from riding it my face almost hurts from smiling so much. I am always telling folks to never pass up a chance to own one. Sure wish Peter would come to Cirque so that we all could meet him!
I love his newer, more ornate stuff. Mine is quite a bit simpler. It may be seen at http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/album03

I've known Peter since he was a teenage shop rat at the Bicycle Revival in Cambridge Mass, where I worked in the early '70s. Always a pleasure to talk to him. I remember he had a gold Raleigh Lenton with an enormous seatpost.

He does gorgeous work. I particularly recommend him for very tall cyclists...he's probably 6' 4" or taller himself, so he really knows how to build a good bike for a tall rider, in a way that many shorter rider/builders can't,

The small blue frameset exhibited at Cirque '05 was as beautifully done as any bike I can remember seeing. The delicacy of the lug ornament was just lovely; actually made my beloved Hetchins look a bit coarse by comparison.

Really enjoy your site. I came to it via the i-Bob list. You've introduced me to some very interesting builders that I wouldn't otherwise have seen.

Keep up the great work! Thanks much.

Best regards,


23. What cycle don't you have anymore that you wished you did?

That little blue BSA.

(gasped out breathlessly) "Rosebud"

Scott: I think you need to compile the stats when you are done and plot them. Percentage of respondents who asnwered questions #20 and #37 "Don't quit you day job" for example.

Peter Mooney is one of the most thoughtful,forthright and competent persons I've ever known. Having been associated with the bicycle industry since 1979 I've seen a couple of bikes. Peter's are second to none!

I wandered into Wheelworks one day in 1983, and when I saw Peter's framesets, my heart stopped. Couldn't begin to afford one, though, and continued to ride the bike I had until seven or eight years ago, when I bought my present Mooney. I would not trade it for all the titanium in Taiwan. It is merely perfect.

If you want TIG welds, go to Kmart and buy a lawn chair.

Peter built a bike for me in 2004. Not only is it heartstopping gorgeous, but it is the most comfortable ride I have ever been on. I wanted a bike to ride in centuries and long charity rides, and Peter worked out the geometry for me from that description, some measurements of my body, and some time watching me ride - the end result is perfection. I am currently saving my pennies to get a second Mooney bike - this time a daily commuter.

You can see some photos of my current bike on Peters site: http://www.peter-mooney.com/gall5.htm

I have a 1988 Peter Mooney with full Campy in amazing shape. A good friend of mines brother owned it and passed away of an illness at a very young age. I called Peter Mooney to ask about the bike. It's a 57, red and yellow and when asked he said he would still make that bike and would sell for about 3k for the frame. I'm trying to sell it for my friend because it's a painful reminder. Not sure what is fair but would think around 500-1000 bucks given the ride. Wish it fit me but i'm only 5'8"

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