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May 09, 2005


Beside Mike's building work, he is a master of immaculate restoration. He brought an old Italian bike to Cirque this year that was just heart stopping! Mr. Tasteful! Mike's warm sense of humor just charmed all who heard him speak, too.
What a cool guy!

Mike is also a great source for almost anything made by TA; he has a fantastic stock and very reasonable prices. Saw my first Mariposa bike in 1971, a dark green track bike that was being ridden on Encino Velodrome.

I love it!

20. Any words of advice to up & coming frame builders?
There is no money in it.

37. If you had it to do all over again... would you be building cycles?

What kind of beer?

I remember a large poster of a green timetrial bicycle painted in side view and titled Mariposa.
I wish I had bought it, as it seemed to capture thre essence of cycling and cycle building.

The lithograph of the green Mariposa TT bike referred to in Jim Jenkins' post was created by Canadian artist Greg Curnoe of London Ontario.

Thats a Mariposa...Nice bike... I had Mike build my Randonneur bike in 2001. I told him then that this is the last bike I will ever have to buy. Everytime I get on it I remember why. It fits and works perfectly. Thanks Mike.


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