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May 18, 2005


I remember the first time I saw one of Mark's bikes, under a tall rider from Ann Arbor. Such a gorgeous thing; no one does prettier lugwork. He's the only builder who's likely to break my Assenmacher habit.

Thanks for the series. I'm enjoying immensely.

Could someone explain the bottom bracket in pics 21_1 and 13 to me?

I still have close-up lug photos of a Nobilette frame I saw fresh from the painter. The reason I took the shots was because the frame was a prime example of assymetric lug carving. I can't recall a better result in that effort from any other framebuilder's work I've seen. I'm thinking it's the influence of Chris's jazz aesthetic; individuality within group coherence, or something lke that.

It looks like a Ritchey breakaway coupler, but I've been wrong before.

Yep, it's a Folder.


Hey -Me, how's the knee doing?


Better, then not, then better again, then really better... as of today, not so hot again.
I think I may need to bite the bullet and try some riding and see if that helps strengthen it.


hey man....do ya have any history with Luton in England? would love to know. If you we can fill you in.

Great Interviwes - I can speak to Mark Nobilette's superb quality of workmanship. I have the good fortune to own one of his frames and suspect one of the few in New Hampshire. I picked the new frame up on ebay and haven't looked back. I only wish I could have purchased this from Mark instead of a third party. When the ebay add appeared I googled then emailed Mark about the add and he answered all my concerns and even explained how the frame made it to ebay in the first place. All of this and it wasn't his add. The bike is a Tig Weld steel road frame using 853 tubes. The smoothest riding bike I've owned, and at 57, I've owned too many to count, however, my wife feels the current collection of 6 in the garage/shed/basement are too many for her liking. I ride the Nobilette 95% and a Trek 520 (fendered) in the rain. Mark deserves serious consideration for those in the market.

I got a chance to ride one of Mark's bikes a few weeks ago. His son is a friend of mine and let me ride around on his single speed cruiser for a few days. Great bike and lost of fun.

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