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May 03, 2005


He rides fixed gear bikes off road, making him a hero in my book! I bought a few track cogs from him, he seems like a real gentleman. If I were in the market for a ti MTB/cross/SS bike, I would buy one of his.

Also seems like a pretty smart guy. I like this:

"there’s been a real rise in somewhat baseless neurotic obsession about equipment/tubing/whatever and a real decline in common sense and self-sufficiency."

This is true, and I often find myself succumbing to such obsessions, though I hope my self-awareness helps me do it less than some. I recently bought some fixed-gear parts from Harris Cyclery. It was hard, especially for the hubs. On one hand, I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on Phil Wood, even though I know they're great. But, on the other, I didn't want to get the cheapest ones either, because they are known to explode for no reason. If all he had was the cheap ones, I could have bought them and rode my fixie-to-be in blissful ignorance of the "better" hubs that are available. Instead, I agonized over the decision for a good 15 minutes and bought some middle-of-the road track hubs.

And I liked this, too:
"Gas is thrown on the fire with people having only a pedestrian (if that) understanding of the subject matter posting as “experts.”"

While this is true, we should be careful about discounting fake experts entirely. Sometimes they're right. As someone who dabbles in science, I sometimes find that the freshest, most profound new ideas come from complete novices. It's easy for the bona fide experts to become complacent in their thinking, while the "pedestrian" ideas, might have some real merit. Most of the greatest minds we ever heard of (or not) did their best work before becoming recognized as experts.

Matt sounds like a truly decent, thoughtful guy (thankfully not that rare in framebuilding circles). If my knees weren't so fragile, I'd get back into single-speed off-roading (I mean way back - what we all did as kids). By the way, Sandpoint seems to be emerging as as a f'building hotbed!

This comment stuck me the most from all of the Q&A's to date:

"Usage over time is the number one variable when it comes to “value.” "

Certainly a sentiment I agree with.

It's so strange to hear someone else who thinks so similarly to how I do. What's even more strange is that we are the same age and from the same town. I wonder if the minimalist approach is in some way a rebuke of the vast materialistic wasteland that is Atlanta.
btw I am just getting started with framebuilding (as a hobby becuase I have the graduate school debt and family that Matt warned about...)

Matt and I could not be more different if we tried, except that we both love to ride! I have a frame Matt built for me five years ago (man, that went fast!) I've bought a couple of others since then, but the Ute is still the bike I feel most comfortable on. I know there are a lot of real talented people out there building bikes, but Matt's passion for what he does comes through in his work. If you get a chance, experience one of his bikes for yourself!

Matt always amazes me with his level-headed down to earth attitude. Now if only I could spend less time on the 'net and more on the bike :-)

He built me a frame 5 years ago and I still love riding it. Dealing with him was great and I can reccomend him to anyone wanting a singlespeed / fixie frame.


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Zen thoughts on cycling

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Big ups to Matt Chester for his clear focus


Bananas don't grow in Idaho.

Hey, and he's an Xtracycle convert (like me). I just wonder: what's the host bike for the Freeradical? Is it a singlepeed/fixie?

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