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May 02, 2005


Right on, Scott, that is what I've been waiting for. Mike Flanigan is my hero.

Nice to (at last!) see a builder who is primarily down with commuting and touring. I dig the Ant bicycles and I like all the utility cycles they make with the baskets and such. Though I personally like to see some lugs, these are nice clean practicle rides.

Lugs, schmugs. Mike's bikes are beautiful, and have an asthetic all their own.

I love my Light Roadster. The more I ride it, the more I appreciate what I have there: a beautiful, versatile machine, very spare in its detailing, perfect for my favorite kinds of rides--longish commutes and day rides on all kinds of surfaces. They're beautifully understated machines in a world of bling bling bling.

And they get you there just as fast, too.

I first saw a bike built by Mike at the Larz Anderson bike show and I was absolutely floored. It was Mike's personal bike and this was before ANT became official. I snapped a few pics of his bike while it was locked to a sign post and hung them on my wall for years. The simplicity and utter functionality make it a joy to the eyes. The "D" rack is another example of clean functionality. Thanks for the interview and excellent pictures.

Ha. He said Nads.

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