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April 25, 2005


What a likeable guy. I agree with his philosophy on pretty much everything insofar as the questions you asked. I don't have time now to look closely at his work, but what I saw is stunning (though possibly a bit flashy for my tastes). Anyway, there's a name for the hopper for my potential future custom bike builder. So far it's him and CG and maybe one or two others.

My favorite so far. And a live steam enthusiast to boot! Totally cool!

I have a question, why did you not ask these builders what the starting or average cost is for one of their frames? Seems like an important question for a potential client.


For 2 reasons...

1. It's readily available on nearly all of their websites or by simple email inquiry.


2. These interviews are static and won't be altered or updated... so any "pricing" info mentioned here will eventually become "out of date" or old.

Good question though... just one I had already thought of too but decided to ultimately leave off of the FBQ.

-Me (Large Fella)

I like his take on weight. It always hands me a laugh when folks obsess about weight. One guy on a recent ride, decent rider, with at least 25 extra pounds, was waxing poetic about his new carbon stem and bars. Schwwet! Saved many grams there. Guess he missed the biggest bang for the buck, losing a few pounds off the old body.

Bruce is far easier for me to relate to than the other builders so far. I like his bikes too, though yes a bit flashy, but i suppose everyone needs a flashy bike at some point.

I've known dazza only through his posts on framebuilders forum, but from the beginning I have been impressed by his enthusiasm, knowledge, generousity, and friendliness. Sometimes when I check my email his is the only stuff I read.

It's a good thing he lives a couple of thousand k away otherwise I'd be over at his place making a nuisance of myself every spare moment, listening to Radio National, talking about handmaking racing saws (just a hacksaw and a file), etc.etc.

One day I'll give him a call and ask him if he'd like to build me a plain lugged steel frame/bike, comfortable for ride to work and touring, fast enough to keep those uppity uni-students at bay, and slow enough for the local bicycle-users-group.

Yup, Dazza sounds like a real prince and his work is just spectacular. Some of it flashier than I would go for myself, but it makes the punters happy--as he has said--and he knows how to tone it down if that's what the customer wants.

Can't wait to meet the guy--hopefully tomorrow at the Cirque, in fact.

Can you help me? I have been fortunate enough to aquire a Hoffy Champion equiped with mostly Campag gear. My friend thought he use to ride it in the late sixties however when I stripped it down I noticed 1976 on the Wienmann brakes so I guess it was late 70's. No problem with that but do you know where I can get some info and possibly pictures as I am going to do it up back to original. The bicycle has been painted and has no decals so I don't even know what the tubing is. I have several cycles but I thought it might be nice to have what appears to be a nice old road bike, any help would be appreciated. Thanks, John Carlson.

your bikes are awesome.
I wish i had a 2007 mongoose pitcrew thats my favorite bike there.
Please can you send me that bike please because i want one badly.
If you send me one please send it to 13 Moriah street Boondall and my phone number is 32657278.

From Eddie Phillips

i go to your shop all the time thankyou.

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