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April 27, 2005


Not a troll or anything, but when is a framebuilder not a framebuilder? When they are not taking any more orders!


You lost me... are you saying Matt doesn't qualify because he isn't taking orders currently?

Hmmm, I started playing music at 5 years old, began playing professionally at 12 and have done nothing else until 1999 when we had our daughter. In 1999 I started a new life as a Stay At Home Dad and haven't played professionally since then...

am I a musician?

How 'bout Bill Boston? Is he a frame builder?

-Me (Large Fella)

Matt is a great guy. Last fall i talked to him about the fact that i wanted to build a frame. He said that he would help me learn. So with his help i am now riding the first Potzmann. His skii as a builder is second to none. Just want to put that in. Thanks Matt couldnt have done it with out you

Scott: You are most definitely a musician, and both Bill Boston and Matt A. are framebuilders. I'm just not sure what "I am not seeking custom fame orders at this time means." Does he have a huge backlog of orders? Is he running three retail establishments instead of building? Does that take up all of his time? Does he see himself returning to active framebuilding? Is he retired rom framebuilding? Maybe a follow up?


I dig what you're saying... I'll inquire and report back.

-Me (Large Fella)

Matt emailed me and this is a snip from his note regarding his closing remark about not seeking any custom frame orders currently...

{{"Just to clarify my "status" at this time I am building a few frames for current customers and people that I select from the many requests that I have received over the years. This is much different, in my opinion, than accepting new orders. We are also doing a tremendous amount of frame repair, renovation, and refinishing which is easier for me to schedule and doesn't take big blocks of time."
-Matt Assenmacher}}

-Me (Large Fella)

I agree with the earlier Post about Matt being a nice guy. Even with three bike shops to run he and Steve, his right hand man, always find the time to be friendly and pleasant and helpful. I have dealt with them both for years and always recommend them to folks. The Pic of Matt and the pics of the blue Assenmacher in this article were taken by me. The blue bike was mildly restored and detailed out by me a couple of years ago...it has since been sold to a buddy, Jerry Moos.
Even though not currently building, this is one of the best and most reasonable places for repair and paint work in the upper Mid West.

Back in 1976 we designed our first tandem and went looking for a builder to execute our design.
Matt built us exactly what we specified!
A male/ladyback with then novel oval boob tube, Reynolds 531DB single bike racing tubing, 60 1/4" wheelbase (pilot 5'7", stoker 4' 10 3/4")with a bent rear seattube and toeclip overlap. Weight came in at 34 pounds . . . which was then considered super-light for a tandem.
This was truly a good looking/go-fast twicer!
Put 64,000 miles on that bike . . . (yup that's he right amount of zeroes).
It was the third tandem that Matt had built . . . we still remember it fondly!
Currently we have 200,000+ miles on tandems.
Yup. Matt builds one heck of a machine!
Pedal on TWOgether!
Rudy and Kay/zonatandem

Matt built a bike for me in 1974.

Sorry about the incomplete post above.
Matt built a bike for me in 1974. I rode and rode it until 2003 whin I sold it to another rider. It was a great bike. Matt's quality of work is just terrific, and his prices are very reasonable. He refinished the custom bike for me after I'd ridden it for about 20 years. Last year I sent him a DeRosa frame to be repaired/repainted. Although I had dealt with him before, I was surprised at how good it looked when he returned it. There are more than a few custom paint shops, and most of their prices are way out of my league. IME, Matt is very reasonable. A nice guy to deal with.

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