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March 01, 2009


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Great post Scott. Tired of sitting around the house bitchin' about things, I finally just got my butt on the triple with my kids and went out touring. I kept thinking, with all that weight, I just couldn't get as far as I would like with the kids.

Were our hills as bad as they looked? Yes they were. Our space included a lot of walking. Down the canyons with the drag brake on, up the canyons walking. But we made it, 98.4 miles there and back with an average speed of around 7 mph. We had a beautiful two nights of camping in Bandelier National Monument.

I kept reminding myself that if you could start riding at the apex of your weight, I could keep pushing on those pedals with my extra 120 pounds of kids, 80 or so pounds of camping gear, and however much extra a triple weighs, an extra 30 pounds or so, and my 190 pounds, I could keep pushing those pedals to get to that camp ground. I could sit around the house and moan that we never go touring, or I could push the pedals.

Thanks for being an inspiration to get out there and do stuff Scott.

An interesting link...might explain some things in the not-to-distant past.

Keep your head up. Every time I look down at my feet, I crash into something.

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